Strike Ups Scs In France


The frog princess

Spare a tear for UPS-SCS employees in France. We blocked the sites last week with strikes, the management were really worried because the new Playstation 3 was blocked and should have been deliverd on Friday. Finally after a marathon meeting with the Trade Unions (from 3pm Friday to 8 am Saturday !!) an agreement was made that the Unions would stop blocking the site and UPS would enter into negotiations.
Over 350 jobs will be lost, and believe me its not easy to find a job in France today.
UPS-SCS are simply closing their Road branch. (After aquiring Unidata on a world wide level in 2001, the UPS-SCS management simply left the branch to rot! No investment, no commercial development etc;;ect.
Today negotiations are underway, but its unlikely that the Trade Unions will be able to save all but a few people.
Please dont mock us, or say bad things about the French. We are just like you. Many of us have given a good part of our life to Brown only to discover we are been tossed away like a dirty rag.
What we hope for today, is a little moral support, it would be great to tell our guys in France that you are aware of our problem and thinking about us during this sad and difficult time.


frog princess...nice sounds like you are getting shafted much like the TSG guys here that were deemed unnecessary.
The anti-french comments posted earlier are probobly from someone that holds a grudge for some reason or another
about things that happened in 1939...before you were born...
I apologize for thier insensitivity and assure you that most of us here indeed do feel for you.Its not big news here,if it were
not mentioned here in the brown cafe` I wouldn`t even know
about it.Its great to have your input here,please become a member and keep us informed .