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    I read a story today about 4 students sent home because they wore tshirts with the american flag on it.the principal said it would offend the hispanic students [because it was cinco de mayo day]*** is going in this country!:angry:
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    What I find really rather stupid about all this is that cinco de mayo day is not even a real holiday, it is a liquor marketing promo.
    Heck it's not a Mexican holiday.

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    Good for those students. We need more people to stand up vs. the grain. I would have done the same as them. I think Im going to go celebrate the 4th of July this year in Mexico lol.
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    Make sure you wear a flak jacket and helmet...its a war zone there.

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    I was thinking about taking my tank. Its funny how I could go there and do the same thing they did over here and disapear forever w/ no consequences to anyone. I doubt I would recieve any help from any of their officials.
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    My 15 yr. old granddaughter was just suspended for 3 days from school. She was being tailed by a couple of girls saying stuff like, "we're gonna beat you up" and "we're gonna kick your butt." They do this in her face everyday.

    Yesterday, she turned around and Miss meek & mild sucker punched the tormentor. I know she got the suspension, but I think she may have surprised the other girl to where maybe she'll leave her alone now.:peaceful:

    My granddaughter is a large girl and I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of a punch from her.:knockedout:

    High school is very different from when I went.
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    If you have a tank then i will be comming to your house when this country turns into Greece...we will need the protection.:wink2:
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    I am amazed at all those hs students being upset with someone else showing Old Glory.
    I wonder just which flag is flying on the school's flagpost, which they have to past every school day ( at least twice ) ?
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    Let's wait and see what happens depending on the type of school calendar this district uses on the 4th of July. Will these kids wear a Mexican flag?
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    Supposedly, the principal apologized for over reacting.

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    Probably forced apology because it became news. I bet he wasnt sincere whether he sounded it or not.
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    The Stars & Stripes: Always 'Two Thumbs Up'

    By David Bozeman

    AOL News reports that film critic Roger Ebert criticized the five California teens who wore clothing bearing the American flag to school on May 5th — Cinco de Mayo. He announced on his Twitter page that the five should have to share a lunchroom table with those who wear a hammer and sickle on July 4th. Brilliant. And this guy actually won a Pulitzer.

    The five students, of course, were sent home, but the school's principal has since apologized. Now, if only Ebert and Juan Williams (appearing on The O'Reilly Factor) would follow suit.

    Ebert, probably America's premier film critic, should stick to penning the praises of his cinematic favorites, such as Booty Call. He once wrote a column — now how's this for originality? — questioning Sarah Palin's intellectual curiosity. How about a nationally-known conservative film critic — now that would be original. Ebert, who has lost his voice and suffered disfigurement due to thyroid cancer, reportedly received angry retorts from bloggers making fun of his physical state. Naturally, AOL focused as much on that aspect as on the disrespect of America's flag on her native soil, the same flag for which thousands of Americans are dead and just as severely disfigured as Ebert.

    Note to Ebert and others: the American flag is never out of place or inappropriate in the United States. Not on any day of the year. To the 40 percent (noted by Ebert) of the school who are Hispanic, Old Glory stands proudly as an inspiration, a symbol of values such as freedom and opportunity that either your immediate family or your ancestors obviously valued. Why else would you be in the USA?

    To anyone who is offended at any time by the American flag — don't let the door hit you on the way out! We don't keep people in — that's the domain of Hollywood's favorite political pop star, Fidel Castro. And would the face of Hugo Chavez (beloved by critical fave Sean Penn) emblazoned on a T-shirt bear moral equivalence to the Stars and Stripes? Therein lays the stifling confines of political correctness: The edicts of right and wrong are built on the quicksands, not of mob rule, but of the equally short-sighted fashions of elite opinion makers.

    Speaking of which, commentator Juan Williams opined that a potentially volatile situation merited quick attention, thus the students being forced to change their shirts or go home. Williams wrote off the tension to the testosterone of teenage boys — with Mexican and American flags little more than gang symbols. An American flag was snatched from a student, but, hey, boys will be boys, and who are we to judge?

    These young men are patriots, Juan. We see patriots on the streets and on the battlefields but not often enough in the comfort zones of political roundtables and certainly not in the entertainment sections of Chicago newspapers. Who in the media have the guts of these fellows, but more importantly, who is on their side? Certainly no one on FOX News at that moment.
    Once we lose sight of our symbols and shared values, freedoms will surely topple one by one. But then, of course, that is the very aim of liberalism, which is why liberty begs for saving not merely from masses of illegal immigrants unwilling to assimilate but from liberals within our own borders.