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    Drive just threw a package at my door as I watched from the window as a fellow Upser I understand the time constraints but he and the customer service received an earful as my new internet router was damaged and there is a nice footprint on my box.
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    Maybe if you weren't at home and at work you wouldn't have had this problem. As a fellow UPSer you'd also know that if the package is damaged with a footprint it was loaded on his truck as such 99% of the time.

    Reading some of your past posts you seem like you're a PT loader looking to go into management. You obviously see packages and their condition before they get on the truck and yet you still blame the driver for your broken package. What tops that is you feel you need to contact "customer service" to blame the driver. How about you speak with the driver as a "fellow UPSer" if you have concerns before trying to blame him as the messenger.
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    You have every reason to be mad about your damaged item.

    However, if a typical package (non-sensitive or glass) cannot be thrown against a wall, or dropped from 10+ feet without getting damaged, then it is improperly packaged. I use this thinking whenever I package anything, and I've shipped hundreds of packages over the past seven years (through FedEx).

    And yes, any damage that occurs to a package is likely to happen before it reaches the delivery truck.

    That being said, damn them for breaking your stuff!
  4. rocket man

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    maybe you get lucky next time and the driver being the pro he is will rts saying its damaged and it will save you a post
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    10'+ is a little overkill, maybe 3'. I'm just thinking of all the curcimstances I've been threw as a driver & witnessed from other workers in every position @ UPS and can only think of ignorence that one of us would do a 10' toss or drop unless it was like a bag with t shirts. I've thrown those but this one time a big dog got excited and tore it up as it landed on the porch.

    What is your position @ups HTOWN ? Yes, we get a little agressive and stressed as drivers but we try not 2 football a package, maybe the newbs that R trying 2 cook a route.
  6. Leftinbuilding

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    Nice. Rat out a fellow employee. Real classy. Bet you are the hoot of the center.
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    As working in UPS I see how packages are treated and know that they do not get treated in the best manner, however, there is no need for a driver to throw the package so that it makes a loud thud against the door, sorry but a person who has no respect for others property will not receive courtesy on my part. All he had to do was walk ten more feet and leave at the door but Drivers like him who purposely mistreat others property do not deserve to work for brown.
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    Okay so as long as the paying customer is not at home then it is okay to just do whatever you feel like with their package. Yes, I am a supervisor and I see how packages are treated but as the face of the company, drivers should at least pretend to care about the property they are delivering.
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    Congrats, you hurt your center manager more than the driver by having it become a concern. Good luck with management if your first instinct isn't to handle issues on the local level.
  10. htown0721

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    As a pt sup handling it at the local level would get me laughed at so sorry figured there was no point
  11. clarnzz

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    Your center manager would of much appreciated it if you would approached him with the issue rather than dinging him/her with a concern.
  12. htown0721

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    Honestly, though he would not have done anything the center manager is hated by both union and management so thats his problem and thats what the number is there for. I
  13. Brownslave688

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    In my experience people over react a ton also. Most the time when customers say threw what really happened was it was slide on the porch to avoid the stairs or dropped 6 inches to avoid bending all the way down. I'll bet u didn't think it was that bad til u saw your package was damaged then u overreacted. Just my experience.
  14. Leftinbuilding

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    Of course, you perform perfectly every second of every day. Never had frustration cause a momentary lapse in judgement. Must be nice to be you. Unfortunately, for you, what goes around.......
  15. brownmonster

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    Maybe the driver saw your name on the box. Lord, I apologize for that.
  16. htown0721

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    I know the damage most likely was not from him but I probably overreacted more when I confronted him about throwing the package which did hit my door pretty hard and he showed no regret
  17. htown0721

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    Never said I did but there are other ways to vent frustration and if I were caught doing something similar I would at least apologize whether I meant it or not. And as far as what goes around....I am not the one who is throwing boxes....
  18. htown0721

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    Thats actually really funny...
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    As a PT sup not handling it at the local level may create a hostile work environment for you.

    Just curious---when you called in the concern---did you identify yourself as a PT sup who works in the same center as the driver or did you happen to leave that part out?
  20. htown0721

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    Honestly, told them who I was but the guy on the phone said that being a UPS employee there would be no influence on the complaint, also, they are not allowed to disclose that information