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    It is Sunday, Kinda bored and could use some laughs.. We all have had a mindless supervisor in our careers at UPS.. Here is one that I can throw out there for a few laughs...OK a co-worker (female) went to see a center manager after her day of delivering.. I can not recall what was said between the two, but this guy followed her into the ladies restroom and whipped out his johnson and shook it at her..TRUE story... She screamed of course.. the next day, she reported this to Corp.. they showed up, and the center manager admitted to doing this (cant believe he did not fib) needless the say this center manager who had a decent amount of time there was escorted out the gate..This is no BS, true story of a Stupid Sup...
  2. serenity now

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    maybe he was trying to illustrate a point..........
    like one time he had more stops than you could shake a stick at
  3. jaker

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    Had a sup try to tell me how to drive a stick the right way , I jump up told him you drive then

    Made it around the block he got up and said you drive I didn't know these are that hard to drive , didn't hear nothing else after that
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    Had a sup who I would call(on my flip phone) and tell him I was gonna have trouble making service(too many stops, not enough time) and he would say no help available. I would flip the phone closed and call him right back and demand to know why he hung up on me.
  5. Operational needs

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    I realize you are talking about UPS sups but I have a story about a FedEx manager you will find humor in. They hired a guy off the streets as mgr. He had only been around for a short while. One Saturday a pkg came in and I think it broke open.... $30,000 in cocaine inside. He didnt want to put it in the safe because customer service had the combo, so genius that he was, he kept it in the trunk of his car all weekend. Imagine how the interaction would have gone if he had been stopped by the police for any reason. Lol
  6. Brownslave688

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    Stupid person in general. If your not drunk or high what would posses any sane person to do this.

    He had to know he'd be fired ASAP.
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    I work in a fairly large hub (one of the top ten largest in the US) and my first FT manager was a real piece of :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:. Psychotic and would scream at either hourlies or his subordinates at least several times a day. He would also shave OT from his hourlies and shift it over as straight time on a non-OT day to improve his numbers.

    I once caught him doing this to me and called him out. It stopped happening to me, but I know it kept going on to other folks. He was eventually promoted to run a nearby package center and was nailed by HR/loss-prevention stealing OT from a preloader within two months of his transfer. My hub was big enough for him to hide in, but when he moved to a center with less than a tenth of the staffing, he was caught almost immediately.
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    Agreed. I kinda think he wanted out, and wanted to do this one last thing before he left!
  9. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    I had a sup tell me yeah most of the drivers are amazed at how comfortable I am driving these since I haven't been in one very long.

    He proceeded to scream and bitch and moan and piss his pants all day about how I drove. Omg u almost hit that. You'll never get turned around here. Slow down how fast are u going.

    About 25 STFU and let a pro handle this.

    He was a driver sup about a month before he moved on.
  10. rod

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    The only time I ever heard of a DIAD board being totally lost was by one of our sups while out delivering (when he wasn't suppose to be). Apparently he left it on his rear bumper and drove off.

    I also had a couple of instances where management told me "they were going to have my job". It ended up that I'm sure they wished they did as they were either let go or demoted for juggling numbers.
  11. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    About 15 years ago, I called in for help because I was too heavy. Supe came out, took about 20 stops, and left. Turns out, he drove back to the building and parked the truck outside with the back door open. Sat that way all night, no security at our building.

    Yes, he's still here.:angry:

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    A few years back had a On car sup lose his job in my center after his asinine attempted to get away after crashing his car into a stone wall. See he had been drinking , So he thought he could get away. He drove his car to the UPS building and park his car out back, But what he didn't notice was when he hit the stone wall it punctured the radiator and it left a nice trail for the police to follow, right to the UPS building. Need less to say this was during the day while he was working. Even some of the drivers saw his car before the police tow it away, but unfortunately no one got to see him do the walk of shame.
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    That is priceless...
  14. Anonymous 10

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    We had a supervisor about 5 years or so back who was out shuttling misloads. He pulled out from a two way stop sign and cut some guy of on a motercycle. This caused the motercyclist to drive into a ditch to avoid a head on collision. The supervisor kept on going. The police put out an APB for the supervisor. It was a bad situation. The same day across town another supervisor was shuttling misloads in his own personal car. He was rear ended and had to go to the hospital. Freaking classic
  15. Anonymous 10

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    He must have been really proud of his junk.
  16. 104Feeder

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    I guarantee that was $50k worth of cocaine when he first put it in the trunk.
  17. balland chain

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    Oh my gosh,, why in the hell did he just not call the police ??
  18. over9five

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    Perhaps you missed the title of this thread....
  19. balland chain

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    yeah momentary brain bad..I guess that is why I am not a sup, because that is what I would have done..
  20. Operational needs

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    Nice guy, but not the sharpest crayon in the box.