Successful Republican Programs

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  1. fact check

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    Let's make a list of the top ten programs initiated by Republicans in the last 40 years.


    Well I tried, I couldn't come up with one.

    Let's have some help here from the cheerleaders.
  2. moreluck

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    Answer me this......If Obama has known about waste in Medicare, why does he let it go on (since Jan)....after all, cutting the waste in Medicare is how he plans to pay for 2/3 of his Healthcare Paln. He has not been a good steward.:sad-little:
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    Bush had 8 years to correct it, and was allowed to have all his appointments almost immediately. Why did he let it go on?

    Still waiting for a successful Republican program to start the list.
  4. moreluck

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    Your leader always talks about looking forward.....aren't you respecting him? Obviously not, with all the Bush talk. Bush is a private citizen now and for a couple years he had mostly Dem. house & senate.....that will change soon and your prez. will experience a mostly Republican house & senate.
    Love those checks & balances. :happy2:
  5. fact check

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    Okay, so moreluck can not name one successful Republican program. Anyone else?
  6. moreluck

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    Pres. Bush on His Record

    Nadira A. Hira

    My Administration has vigorously enforced civil rights laws. I am the first President to ban racial profiling in Federal law enforcement. And to serve the cause of justice on the Federal bench, I have nominated outstanding men and women to the courts, highly qualified people of all races and backgrounds.
    Leaders of the African American community have worked very closely with my Administration on the Faith-Based and Community initiative so that faith-based groups, which help people most in need, can compete on a level playing field with other organizations. The government can hand out money, but it cannot put hope in a person’s heart, that is why across the Nation, the faith-based community is putting Federal dollars to good use in substance abuse treatment programs, mentoring programs for children of prisoners, and programs that provide pregnant women access to vital services, like parenting skills and information on health and nutrition. In many of our urban communities, the only social service programs available operate out of the basement of a church, and they should receive funding if their programs have proven to be effective.
    The HIV/AIDS epidemic is one that touches all communities, both in America and throughout the world. My 2005 budget commits over $17 billion to AIDS treatment and prevention in America, a 27 percent increase over 2001. And I have requested a $35 million increase in the Minority AIDS Initiative. Through the Ryan White program, we are providing $20 million to deliver lifesaving drugs to infected people, over 50 percent of whom are from minority communities.
    My Administration has also begun the largest initiative ever to combat global HIV/AIDS. America is a compassionate Nation that is taking the lead on dealing with the pandemic that ravages the continent of Africa. My Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief provides $15 billion over five years for prevention, treatment, and care in the 15 countries most heavily impacted by the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
    And we are bringing greater prosperity to the African continent. I signed the African Growth and Opportunity Acceleration Act of 2004. It recognizes that the best way to help lift people out of poverty is through trade and the free flow of commerce. And it is working on the continent of Africa and creating new opportunities for American exports.
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    Moreluck, quoting Bush from an article in Essence Magazine hardly qualifies as an example of a successful Republican program.

    If you are trying to refer to his African AIDS initiative, you may want to do some research before you call that a success.
  8. outamyway

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    I have no respect for the so called Republican party in congress because they currently are a disgrace to the name Republican. Most of them are as left as most real Democrats(not the radacl left our congress seems to be so full of). Every seat in congress needs to be replaced.

    This is what I've noticed lately about most liberals that want to rebuttal some claim about our CURRENT Government; it quickly ends up being a "Well, look what they did when they were in office!" argument. If that's all you've got then you're a blind ****ing retard, or communist loving hippy.

    If you're a blind retard, get off the computer before you start eating the power cords and shock yourself.

    If you're a communist loving anything, go **** yourself. Millions of people have died trying to put and end to communist type regimes and there will be a similar outcome if it's thrust upon OUR home land full force. Not to mention large communist regimes usually BEGIN with the slaughter of millions.

    American is not immune to history's wrath, it she follows history's path.

    ETA: I'm hoping by your avatar you understand exactly where I'm coming from.
  9. moreluck

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    I figured you'd want it right from the horse's mouth.......I give you what you asked for and you aren't satisfied. Coming from anyone else and you'd be complaining too.

    Okay, my head hurts now.....go bother Jones.:sick:
  10. toonertoo

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    How about successful democrat programs?
    The Great society, the beginning of the end. Boy it really shows how well it has worked in the inner cities. Especially today, the first of the month. Now there is a program that works. For every one who doesnt.
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  11. tieguy

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    You might as well ask for great liberal tax cuts. Republicans are not fans of government programs.
  12. diesel96

    diesel96 New Member ought relax dude, it's only a top ten list for crying out loud..... And the avatar is just a parody of those BC posters disrepecting our president. But, about what your saying. First you abuse the terms of Agreement, throwing around the F-bomb, calling people retarded, and communist loving hippees. Then, here's the kicker, demand your target victim to censor himself...:rofl:... Now that's hypocracy. If your suffering from paranoria delusions that communists regimes are taken over our homes I suggest that you return the DVD "Red Dawn", back to blockbuster before it's overdue and chill out...."Wolverines",
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    Hmm, I think that not creating government programs would be inline with Republicans adhering to the conservatism they espouse to be.

    So the point of this thread is to say that Republicans should go against their stated true nature and instead be more like Democrats?

    Personally, I find that to be the main problem with Republicans to begin with!
  14. 1989

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    Didn't Clinton have 8 years to fix it? Hasn't the demorcatic congress had a few years to fix it?
  15. wkmac

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    Well let's see

    An interesting take on Bill Clinton's War! I guess since Bush did his part of taking out Iraq and to some extent neutralize the Iranian's attempt and attempt at entering the oil market on it's own terms, it becomes clear the Obama ramp up in Afghanistan and acceleration in Pakistan has to do with Obama's pipeline foreign policy.

    But is this all really nothing more than the next level of The Great Game?

    Instead of using the name Fact Check as a noun, you'd be wise to treat it as a verb!

  16. wkmac

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    OT: Did you see where they are going to do a remake of this movie and from what I understand this time the Russians and Chinese are on the same side. Against us of course.
  17. 1989

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    You are right government programs typically don't work.

    1) Tax reform act of 1986 (things could be a lot worse today with out it)
    2) TARP
    3) 30 years of trickle down
  18. tieguy

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    Fact checks question shows the needy mindset of the liberal. What government program did your party put in for you. Kind of like two bought women comparing what their suger daddies bought them in an act of one upsmanship. Large wasteful government programs make liberals like fact check feel loved and cared for.
  19. wkmac

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    Funny Tie, watching Fact Check and yourself, or for that matter Susie, Sloth, TOS, etc. etc. to me is like watching Ted Haggard and Jimmy Swaggart calling each other the bigger sinner of sexual depravity!

    You know like the republicans calling Clinton an adulter when they themselves were sliding their Oscar Meyer in more than one bun! Or the democrats calling republicans all manner of evil in trying to keep as much money as they can for themselves when the democrats are doing stuff like this. Honest mistake? Not hardly. Charlie should consider switching parties to feel more at home if one were to believe democrat ********

    No matter which one of you rules the day, we'll still get larger and larger gov't predicated on some illusional fear you impose on various illusional threats!

    Either way, people seeking freedom and liberty lose so tell me once again how you guys really differ?


    Get ready people, the hits to Call Em' Names dot com just went through the roof!

  20. moreluck

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    No one has mentioned Pell Grants. I don't know if the overall program was good or not. All I know is that my daughter benefitted from a Pell Grant and attended college for a year and she wouldn't have without it.
    She is in her third year now with her employer paying for it. :happy2: