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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Ironman, Jan 13, 2010.

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    ive been working since Sep 2008. in that time i had an odd issue that no one in my hub ever heard of i was "apparently" terminated in april 09 and still workin and getting a check tried to apply for my benefits had to wait 2 months before i got my benefits the situation was there was a guy who got fired and had the same name as me. i was told i had to take my vacations before the year was over or i would lose them so will they reset this month next month or am i screwed with out vacation for another year
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    Talk to your steward see if he can get it resolved if that does not work file a grievance.
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    I agree. Grieve this today, you need to leave a paper trail that you've tried to resolve this.
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    File a grievance immediately! You can always withdraw it if UPS resolves it. However you only have a certain time frame to file a grievance.