Summer Union Hall meetings - does your local have them?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Observer, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Observer

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    Does your local hold meetings with the members during the summer months? I'm concerned as shouldn't people be kept aware what is going on with negotiations. As these contracts get worse and worse we should be informed on what was discussed and what are the issues that are having some pull back. They could show us what the "Proposed ammendments" are vs. what is currently in the master contract.
    Perhaps if the local acted more interested in its members they would have a much better turnout when we vote.
    I don't feel that the texts we receive are very enlightening - way too vague.
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    My local usually suspends the summer meetings. We voted at the last meeting to hold one in July due to the contract negotiations.
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  3. They have nothing to tell us.
    They said the last contract was a good one, remember?
    "C6 healthcare mirrors the current healthcare plans we have."
    A 4 yr progression is good, remember?
    If your ba and local is a good one they'll explain the first offering in detail when it comes out...good or bad.
    If your local/ba is not trustable, good luck. Ask all the questions you need to and have everyone write their answers down.
  4. Gimme Danger

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    My local suspends summer meetings, always has and always will. But there is frequent activity at the gate to keep us informed.

    @Observer you assume the locals know what is being discussed in negotiations. If your officer is on the national committee, and gives out the proposals, then the IBT may remove the officer (they've removed 4 already). So the blame for not keeping us informed goes to the IBT.
  5. The Avrowolf

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    I doubt it
  6. Ours are suspended for the summer, unless we get a contract to vote on.
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  7. cachmeifucan

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    705 doesn't have any summer meetings but Im almost positive it was voted on at the may meeting I missed it.