Sunday night chat?


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hi excopper....I think the chat room is pretty much done for the night. They usually chat Sunday nights 7 PM until around 9 PM West Coast time.

Welcome to the Browncafe. :happy2:


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I regret to inform my fellow members of the Brown Cafe that I will be unable to attend tonight's chat. Thank-you for your time.

Regretfully yours,



I`ll be there...I'd like to see tieguy and over9 there too.

yea right. You give us no consideration what so ever when we object to something being done here. You then want to chat with us. I'll see how I feel sunday night. Right now I'm pretty pissed that you folks would dismiss my objections as petty complaining.


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I'm too busy writing up my 5th grievance so far this year. I'm on pace to smash my 2007 stats, better pick me up in your union fantasy league.