sup bought us pizza yesterday.

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  1. ibleedbrown

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    for a while there we weren't getting anything, recently they started getting us chips and water for going injury free for a week, then they gave us little caesers pizza for no injuries in a month. yesterday they sprang some bucks and gave us some actually good pizza from a local place for improving mis-sorts. is it just my hub or is ups hooking it up again? they were cheapskates for the last few years, wonder if they are buttering us up somehow for the contract talks?

    recently i saw the drivers eating chicken dinners supplied by the full time sups, winner winner chicken dinner!!!

    do u think they will bring back the turkeys at christmas and gifts for milestones of service?

    come on ups you guys made billions last year, keep the freebies coming lol!!!!
  2. ups hero

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    Lol... Yea.. How about we get hall to propose we get our turkeys back in the next contract .... Or we'll walk!!! (Sarcasm)
  3. ibleedbrown

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    lol at the rate the economy is going that might not be a bad reason to go on strike lol!!! how about they give us gas money too!!!
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    A few years ago we would regularly get local pizza for certain accomplishments in an area of the building. Just a small group. Recently (6 months?) this does not happen. I still see management with their pizza on Friday.

    What does it matter though? Buy your own food with the big bucks you're making as a PTer. The push for production is becoming asinine (maybe it always was). They want more and more, while you get less and less. If they had their way, a lot less. This seems like an agreeable trade. Luckily it is up to you to decide at what point their constant greed means you work less. Perhaps a lot less.
  5. Bagels

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    Sometime last year, UPS (or just our district?) began giving each safety committee $$$ every month we go injury free. Unfortunately, it hasn't happened yet.

    A couple weeks ago, we were on the verge of not making production for the week (or month of February?) so management offered to buy us breakfast if we blew the sort out - which we did and were rewarded with a choice of a McDouble or side salad from McD's (retail value $1). Not sure how it was paid for.
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    a lot of negative attitude from ups employees, i do see the freebies as a way to improve morale. i think that kind of stuff should be a given at ups to keep the slaves happy lol that and of course more hours/money and not paying for health insurance would help!!!!
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    HEY, where's my turkey???
  8. Jackburton

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    I don't need recognition besides having my check correct and respect my contractual rights.
  9. Bagels

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    This use to be commonplace. We use to get 1 UPS Dollar for each week we showed up on-time every day, 1 UPS Dollar for each day without a misload, 5 UPS Dollars for each perfect score on the DOK, etc., 5 UPS Dollars each injury-free month, etc. UPS Dollars could be used against the VIP Gift Catalog, which was pretty cool. Every month the Safety Committee would host a breakfast, and once a month we'd provide another treat (fruit, bagged lunch, etc.) It seemed like every day there was some type of food, anything from doughnuts to sandwiches. And during Christmas, they'd have a 30-minute Christmas party for us Preloaders (20-minutes unpaid, of course) -- with good food and prizes being raffled.

    Early in my career, I went an entire year with perfect attendance & no misloads and they gave me a Dell computer that sold for nearly $3000 on its website (it had an LCD monitor, which cost over $1000 by itself at the time). I suspect Dell, which was one of our shippers at the time, donated it. I repeated the achievement once more and got a $500 VISA prepaid card.*

    When Scott Davis took over, it ended.

    * all gifts, san the computer, were reported as imputed income, so I had to pay taxes on it... but still...
  10. ibleedbrown

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    now that's what i'm talking about!! i suspect attitude and morale, pride in ones work etc etc has gone down hill since?
  11. Bagels

    Bagels Family Leave Fridays!!!

    Kinda. They replaced the rewards with write-ups...
  12. Our pre-load is lucky to hear "good job today" let alone doughnuts, bagels etc... Hell, the center manager doesn't even acknloweldge you with a "good morning."
  13. Dracula

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    Here, they've always done the safety cookouts. Still do. But they're not very often. Maybe twice a year. Big deal. It's all a write-off for them.
  14. UnsurePost

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    :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:, if they treated me with dignity, respect and safe work conditions, I'd buy them pizza.
  15. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    Trust me, you'll never​ see this again.
  16. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    We had a "safety reward" breakfast this morning. The first in probably a year and a half. Questionable sausage and under-cooked pancakes.

    No thanks.:sick:
  17. curiousbrain

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    Once a month or so (as finances dictate), I buy the unload in the building where I am employed ribs, buffalo wings, and chicken wings. It's like 60 to 80 bucks - I pay for it, because the company sure won't.

    I don't "buy" anything from the guys with it, they just work hard and the company craps on everyone, so .. maybe, in my tenure in the unload, I can do a little good in the vast cavern of suck that is Operations. They're all good people, and they deserve it.
  18. Wally

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    Watch out! Some of the contracts of the past have been real Turkeys!
  19. Dracula

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    I eat healthy, and I never hear anyone asking me if I want a glass of metamucil. Just Sam's burgers and death dogs, overcooked. PASS.
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    You want TMI ? I save all the Metamucil coupons I get in Sunday's paper and give them to the gay guy next door at his request !!!!