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    Dont get me wrong,we've all been there! But if you've been a full time driver with more than 3 or 4 years and insist on burning up routes because you need to get home to play Xbox or watch Friends reruns you need to wake the :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: up.
    We all have a day here and there where we need to bust our butts to get done for personal reasons so this isn't meant for you,it's you SUPERHEROES who do it on a daily basis.
    A perfect example is the many routes in our building that have been eliminated in the past year because you runners can't get it through your head what the consequences are. There are the loss of your route,injuries and accidents all because you're taking every shortcut possible. Yet you will also complain when there's no work for you or you're having trouble getting your 40 hours every week.
    I'm sick and tired of trying to be the voice of reason in my center and listening to you say you get it,only to watch you continue your stupidity. Wake up!!!
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    Well said.
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    If you are one of those people who never shirk responsibility. If you are one of those people that never shies away from taking a little extra work when someone else wants less. If you maintain a steady yet quick pace as you tackle the tasks of the day.
    Is that being a "super hero" or is it just good work ethic?
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    It's time to move the you go for the stool? You are probably not a superhero or a team player.
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    People have different priorities. I'm here to make money, and I took a route where I'm guaranteed to work 8-10 hours of OT every week. I don't begrudge the runners who burn their routes up to get home by 1600, that's their priority and more power to them. If they get injured or their route gets cut, well, that's the way it goes but I'm not sure that running has much to do with either. The company adds/cuts routes based on volume not one guy's work pace, and at least in my building the drivers who always seem to be out injured/on comp tend to be the slugs, not the "superheroes". Taking the long view, it's the superheroes who are the most productive and do the most to keep the company profitable and higher profits = better contracts with better benefits and pension plans which is probably my number one concern right now as far as work goes. I love it when my center hires some young hustler who goes out there every day and burns it up because that guy/girl is delivering my future, I'm always quick to shake their hand and tell them what a great job they're doing and when I'm cruising the Mediterranean after my retirement I'll raise a glass to them in thanks. When I get worried is when I see my center qualify some slug who runs 2 hours over (on the only route he can even do) and calls for help every day. That doesn't bode well for the furure...
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    Your probably on the those drivers that stumbles all over themselves everyday so other driver have to get sent out to help. Then you expect management to give you less stops the next day. I bet that isn't working out to well...

    You should just worry about you own route and stop worrying about what every other driver is doing unless it is a seniority issue. Eventually the other driver will figure out the correct pace even you might finally figure it out....
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    I say let them keep running and gunning. They open jobs up for new hired when they get hurt and fired for doing stupid things.
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    Here's an idea route regular. Quit delivering resi's to their place of work.
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    Your mouth is used to that position Upstate
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    Thanks for your input SUPERHERO. I'm doing just fine with my 13-15 hours overtime,don't ask for or get help,and enjoy watching guys like you bitch they've got to work split shifts in the hub to try and get their hours! Enjoy...and oh yeah,when your routes eliminated and you're begging me to go home so you can work,the answers NO! Lmao
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    True,but unfortunately that will open it up to a new runner and gunner...a vicious cycle. My point is more about hearing guys cry about not getting their hours and constantly asking me to go home. These are the same 2 or 3 guys who ask me to go home all the time so they can get hours,yet myself and other drivers have warned them for years to slow down and do the job properly.
    The only people offended by my original post are the SUPERHEROES themselves. And of course Upstate,but he's irrelevant.
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    Just as in everything else in life, there is probably an extreme to both sides and the best place is somewhere in the middle.

    You have runners that break all the rules, bad DR's, cheating air's all the while driving like a bat out of hell.

    You also have the drivers that follow every rule to the T, rack up the miles the best way they can, spend half the day yapping, running just air's then tracking back to deliver grounds, using no creativity in their route attack plan and so on.

    Probably a good place to be would to follow the methods, keep a good pace, limit socializing, spend a few minutes in the am to come up with an efficient way to run air's so that you maximize the time to deliver some grounds. I started out as a runner and gunner and now find myself falling into this group. Who knows, maybe in 10-15 years, after being screwed over 1 to many times, I will fall into the "slug" group.

    To each their own I guess.
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    I do understand and somewhat agree with you,but one thing I don't agree with is who gets how much work. In my center,we have one driver who does approximately 160-165 stops a day but when on vacation one of our SUPERHEROES does 195-200 and does that in an hours less time. The regular drivers no slouch,just does it by the methods to cover their own ass. The cover guy,even with telematics is leaving the truck running,parking on the wrong side of the street,no seatbelt often,tossing packages etc. I know this for fact as I've seen it. Oh yeah,did I mention he had his route completely eliminated the past year?
    the Mediterranean part sounds real good though!
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    Responsibility is doing your job by the methods,or should I say as many of them as are actually possible. A superhero is the one doing it recklessly in order to get home by 4 pm. Along with that comes the accidents,injuries and elimination of routes.
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    Well here's the problem. If this is your definition of superhero. we have none at our center. if there were, they'd be outta a job instantly.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    2 accidents (one each) and 5 minor injuries in 23 years. Home by 6:30 every day.
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    why dont you go find a nice fedx site and tell all the people you no and how great you think you are i want to ship to napkins so youcan get the brown off your nose
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    great idea,, lets all slow down so the company keeps implementing new technology to over supervise
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    If doing the job by the methods means slow down,then yes,by all means slow down. Let's not forget who implemented these methods. And by following them,you are ensuring your safety and your job as well as keeping these unrealisticly unattainable numbers from climbing even higher. Which in turn keeps routes in and people employed. It's a simple concept. And as far as technology goes,that's going to happen regardless.
    A side note to all of this is: you are probably one of those drivers who thinks you're route is solid,untouchable and impossible to eliminate. Well,hope you're right,but we had two routes cut this week for one day who's drivers both swore their route was safe. And after they do it on a Monday they try it on Monday's and Friday's. Before you know it they try Monday Wednesday Friday...and within months those routes can be eliminated as well. It's happened here already.