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    I'm going to try and make this as short as possible. I work a small sort in Colorado as a preloader. as of the past 5 months our Hub turned from rediculous at times to down right corrupt and mysterious. For weeks at a time we have sup(s) taking care of business for many of our lazy preloaders whome claim they need the hours yet watch sups help them at times when they feel over worked. Help ranges from loading there trucks when there LATE or present. We have sup(s) splitting the belt. Hey we even have sup(s) dumping bags when we clearly have someone on the job already. Last but not least we have em clerking too. This is truely an outrage especially when were already part time as it is and our preloaders are a bunch of pus*ies and won't speak out. [ARTICLE 3. SECTION 7. employee will be paid as follows: (i) if the actual hours worked by
    the supervisor amounts to two (2) hours or less, the aggrieved
    employee will be paid for the actual hours worked by the supervisor]
    so on and so forth. Recently these events led me to believe I can take a 10 second break while we switched trailers but as soon as I did the sup starting dumping me bags..I asked why so he said " well your not doing ****, your just sitting on your ass" hmmm. Well then I ask myslef.." self, you actually do all everything and more then sup(s) even ask of you. I took 1 break and was nailed to a cross. I am filing a grievance due to this poor professionalism, if thats what you would call it. What other articles am I entitled to for wages lost and a possible case of harrasment?
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    Make note of who, what, when and where they are working and file on it for each week. Not sure of the article numbers but your steward will know. Sups are pathetic, they could stand back and not do jack other than supervise the operation but they think that if they make a good number on a print out the next day they stand a chance in hell of being promoted and getting to wear a suit and tie to work. So they work and steal from hourly employees on a daily basis.

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    keep a log of it. the more info and intel you have the harder ups can fight your grievance. ups is not concerend with there part time supervisors doing work and fall on there faces in a grievance meeting if you have a log of infractions. tell your coworkers that they are only hurting themselves by letting this happen. supervisors working are not on the plan for pph. it will only bring more constringents on you and your shift if this keeps up.
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    file separate grievances for every instance of sups working

    give as much info as possible into each case

    ALWAYS take a copy of every grievance submitted- don't let sell out stewards trade your grievances away. Hold them accountable, too.
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    Interesting "sell out stewards" ??? I recentley had a discussion with my BA about having "favors in the bank" with management so when what is understood as a bigger problem you had some chips to work it out. I am of the opinion with the current management climate that the bank doesn't matter the steward can be a good guy but all that matters to them is their stupid unreasonable numbers, but as a steward you should tread carefully because a lot of employees want you to fight for them but will not stand beside you.
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    I resent this for I am a steward and If this were me I would file everytime I catch management working. If someone else catches management working I would hope that they file or come to me and let me know so someone with B*LLS can file it. I'm not a sell out and I try to uphold the contract whenever I can. I would never trade grievances away, also I never ask for favors from management because I will never do them any favors. I come to work do my job and take away a damn good paycheck.
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    What was it you resented? I'm confused. I appreciate any steward that represents the company and the employee fairly and holds both accountable for their actions in the scope of the contract.
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    Those grievances you are trading should not be any chips except your own, unless specified by the grievant. That is my position, after seeing (firsthand and otherwise) grievances traded away that should not be.
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    sleve if i can trade a 1 to 2 hour grieveance to keep a driver in the seat for a day i would do it wouldn't you ? i do always ask the person whose grieveance it is if they would let me do that. i have always used my own grieveances to keep someone working i would hope my brothers and sisters would do the same.
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    For the steward that resented Sleeve's statement; just because you don't use the grievances for bargaining doesnt mean it doesnt happen, and yes I know they do this in my building also. If you receive permission from the grievant to use their grievance for bargaining purposes then I don't see a problem with that because it was that persons option to write the grievance in the first place. However, I would be very upset if my grievance was used as a bargaining chip without my knowledge. I write my grievance to fix an issue that I see and for it to be bargained away means that the issue does not get fixed, not cool in my view. I know that grievances are bargained to rehire employees or erase their punishment atleast in my building, and if an employee did something so bad that they deserve what they got then they dont deserve to be rehired or have the punishment erased. Also if the employee did something that wasnt that bad then bargaining chips shouldnt be required because a simple talk between a steward and reasonable management should be able to help out the employee.

    To the OP... You're not entitled to a break in between the switching of trailers. It may be a few moments of what seems like downtime and your supervisor would have to be a real dick to not give your a few moments to catch your breathe, but it still isnt an agreed upon break time. Do what your supervisor tells you to but don't be afraid to put in your grievances when the supervisor decides to step in and do the work that you happen to not be doing. Even if your choose not to do the work the supervisor is still required to find another union worker to do it. The company has calculated the shift start time and package flow with the idea that there are these extra "mystery" workers called PT Sups. If the PT Sups are forced to stop working, either the lazy workers will have to step it up or the shift will have to be started earlier and the package flow will have to be reduced. Either end result will be a good thing.
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    I agree with you Konsole.

    One thing I hear is "ask sups to stop working". You did not say it, but others have. That's really none of our business and not anyones position, including stewards. I say let them work as much as they want and file grievances on every instance.

    About break between trailers- you can take a break whenever necessary to use bathroom or drink liquids. The company cannot force you to work unsafely, that includes keeping hydrated and also using restroom. One trick I like is to really enjoy your beverage of choice and let the sup know it as they harrass you. Make sure you smile when you file that grievance for the sup working between restroom break.
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    You are always dealing with the devil when talking to mgmt. Sometimes in order to get a driver out of a bad situation you have to give them the upper hand. What I mean is if they do it again the punishment will be more severe, but can we get the paper reduced to a verbal warning