Supervisor Vested and no longer with the company - Retirement?

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    I was a full time supervisor with ups a little over 3 years ago and was with the company for over 6 years and was considered vested with the company. I left due to a disability and now currently on social security disability, but I have hopes on returning to work at some point. I don't have a very good memory and I do have a letter that I received that states it came from the UPS Retirement Plan talking about being vested and what I would receive. But the letter is rather confusing to me. It's all I have ever gotten and I didn't realize that at the time they were requesting some information. I couldn't think straight at the time and obviously am well behind the times in whatever they were looking for, but I have never heard from them since. I don't know if I will still get this? And if so, who would be managing it? And where to go to get information on it. I have no point of contact.

    I am fairly young and on disability, like I said, hope to one day in the future be back to work. Sadly, it won't be UPS, because though it was very demanding I really did enjoy my job. Didn't always agree with things and didn't always get along with or agree with the people around me or how things were followed out. But the job was good for me. However, my disability is a mental health one and I essentially broke down under the pressure and could never handle that kind of pressure ever again. I am trying to gather everything I have (stock, 401k, pension/retirement) so that I can access and know what everything is and know what I have in my future when I do retire. Rather than waiting until I am 65, according to the letter, to see if I even will receive anything.

    Anyway, sorry for the ramble. Anybody have any guidance on where to go. I don't really have any contacts anymore where I am with the UPS building in my area and actually I believe all or most of the HR people that were there are no longer there (whether they moved to a central location somewhere else or jobs are gone now). Any thoughts on where to go?

    Thank you.

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    Also, fyi. I was a Management Trainee for 2 years and essentially a full time supervisor for the remaining 4 years. The management trainee time was included in my vesting time with UPS and the work I did. In fact, my job never actually really changed. I did the exact same thing and was expected to do the exact same thing as a trainee that I did as a supevisor. Though I didn't get MIP or anything as a trainee. So, when I did get MIP, they felt the need to remind me that I needed to put even more effort into my already crammed 70+ hour work week and continue to go above and beyond even further because they were so generous to offer MIP. Don't get me wrong MIP was nice, but I was already working my butt off whether I was classified as a management trainee or not.

    The only real rub I had is that many management trainees went through the process of being a trainee and moved into full time supervisor positions in a reasonable amount of time. For me, they waited until my 2 year contract was up, fired me (because they had to according to the contract), and atleast (thankfully at the time) rehired me and made sure that none of it affected my initial start date with ups and the time I had accrued.

    Just wanted to clear that part up. So none of my time with ups was connected to the union or teamsters or anything. I just don't know where to go.

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    Conditions have gotten even worse at UPS since.

    Here's the contact info:

    ATLANTA GA 30328-3474
    Telephone number: 404-828-8818
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    Jonfrum comes through again!! Its nice having someone like you on here who knows your stuff!!
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    The Tax Department does not handle retirement questions. The address is correct but the department should be Human Resources. If you worked in a union status, you'll need to contact the Teamsters to determine if you have any benefits while working in a union status.
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    Good point. I realized that myself after I posted.

    The address I got was copied and pasted from the Form-5500 annual financial report the Fund files with the Government. I'm not in the plan so that was the only address I had. I assumed the Tax Department could foreward a call or letter to the right department.
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    Okay thank you guys very much. I was not in the union at all while with UPS otherwise I would have gone to the teamsters. The fact that I wasn't in the union just I wasn't sure where to go. Thank you very much for your responses. I will see what I can do with this Monday.

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    I have some questions for everyone: My husband is 100% vested for 25 years as a supervisor, he is planning to retire Sept 11, 2014 (his work anniversary) He just turned 57. If he does retire what would we have to pay out of pocket for benefits? ( I have an 11 year old daughter). Also with your UPS Savings plan can we withdraw from that immediately or does he have to wait until a certain age? Also withe 401K? Thank you all for you time and responses.
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    He will get 22 + 9 = 31 DBU times $250/DBU = $7750 for him and $7750 for you.
    Each of your costs will be around $10,000 and going up.
    Not sure if your daughter is covered. Ask UPS HR.

    The UPS Savings plan and 401k are the same thing.
    You can start withdrawing from that early but most people don't.
    They sell stock to supplement needed income.
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    With all due respect he should keep working somewhere with such a young daughter.