supervisors working to manage hours to have enough drivers to work x-mas eve

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    In our building they are running some members of management without hourly employees to help manage the hours of some of the bottom half of the senority list drivers to make sure they have don't run out before x-mas eve. So it looks like I will have about 4 hrs. left to work but also plan on filing for supervisors working about 30 hrs at double time. Should be a nice little check for me leave it up to management to screw things up again.
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    The same can be said in my center. The difference however is that I filed a greivance for over $5000.00 in supervisor working penalties. Our supervisors are taking out routes and making pm pickups because we cant fit them into the route trucks since they are being sent out with 400plus stops.

    Failure to plan does not constitute an emergency and UPS will end up paying large grievances for this policy of stupid planning.

    I suggest you ALL file on every single supervisor working. Its a double time penalty for actual hours worked. Dont be afraid, file.

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    Maybe because Christmas is a religious holiday, they are trying to justify doing our work by claiming it is an Act of God.
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    you've made a sensible statement, congrats