SUPS working all day every day?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by BrownDooDoo, Jun 22, 2013.

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    I work in a small hub, but for some reason things seem to be ran fairly inefficiently. I'm coming up on my 90 working days and have 3 weeks left until my union initiation is paid off and I'm a member....I guess.

    Anyway, I know that SUPS aren't supposed to do any hourly work what so ever. I work in the unload section for right now and every day I witness a manager doing something. Whether they are in the trailer for a few minutes (or some cases a whole trailer), SPA'ing packages, or sorting smalls, they do some work every day without fail. I've seen the operation manager on the pick off line for a period of time.

    Also, every day I see managers working the red and blue (in my hub) load belts. Not supervising, but actually getting packages and putting them in package cars. Is that ok? My steward does one says anything. I do have one co-worker that gets :censored2: but he never files any paper work that I know of.

    Is this normal? Is "the contract" really just a joke?
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    Yeah, it is normal.. UPS and the Union have a contract that states they will not do the work but, they have and will continue to do because the contract is a big joke. If the company violates the contract, they usually just laugh it off.. Nothing ever gets done..
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    Sups can work if there is no bargaining unit employee available. So UPS understaffs planning to have supervisors work and can claim there were no hourly people available ( because they refused to hire them ).
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    Get your 90 in...then BIT//!!!!!!!!
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    No one to blame but ourselves. We are the union. We enforce the contract.
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    Oh trust me I'm not really trying to bitch or anything just get a feel for what's up. A lot of the working does come from us being understaffed so I guess there's the excuse right there.

    For the record, I haven't mentioned anything about anything at my job and I just do what I'm told and do my best to keep up. I'm good with unloading or doing smalls, but man the pick-off line really pisses me off. And I dont really "get :censored2: off" that easily. In my opinion, we need 4 people back there but we only ever have 3. There's packages falling all over the ground/your ankles/your shins because we just can't seem to keep up with the flow. It's not just me when I'm back there, but I do slow things down because I am short. In order to lift big heavy packages, or big awkward packages to certain belts I have to lift over my head and out of my powerzone. Not only am I risking injury by doing this but I either have to slow down or work hazardly. Not to mention most of the time we just deal with :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: falling everywhere so we dont get yelled at for stopping the belt.

    But hey it is what it is and I got bills to pay, so I was just curious. My plan of action is to avoid the sort belt at all costs, and wait until my days as a SPA scanner arrive. Then I'll have it made and not give a :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: who works or doesnt work cause all I'll have to do is point scan and stick!
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    Sad..but 100% true
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    Article 3 section 7, get familiar with it so you can get paid.
  10. Wally

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    You should see how sweaty sups get here in 177 land. Been going on for years!
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    File and make it stop or get paid?
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    File and get paid and put a big bulls eye on your back. More so if you are a low seniority PTer. Sad but true.
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    If you're doing everything you should, this wouldn't be a problem. This is why you guys need to grow a set and do something about your problems instead of coming in here complaining about them.
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    Don't be so hasty!
    ​Every time they do that, I feel better about myself.
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    When you are 18 or 19yo yeah, you are still growing a set. And for $8.50 an hour and 17 hours a week and no benefits. This is the new UPS. Was not like this when I started 35 years ago. And yeah I voted No.
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    This is exactly why you/they should be filing. This is also why the part timers didn't vote in any meaningful numbers and why they consistently get passed over for any meaningful considerations in the contracts.
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    You and Cosmos biggest problem is how many pork butts to smoke.
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    And yes this is why PTers do not vote or be involved in union activities. The union counted us out 30 years ago. That's okay. I still make my money, and will be retired in the next 10 years.
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    Brownslave I right.... It's pretty much your world and the sups are just living in it... My vote is you take a stand....
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    Once you punch in you have a target on your back anyway. So there are only 2 options, allow it to happen or file grievances. Some people are afraid. Trust me, the more you do it, the better the results.