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    Forgive me if this subject has been beaten to death as I'm having difficulty finding prior posts regarding the issue.

    I've only worked at UPS a few months but it seems this surepost delivery to the post office is eliminating driver positions due to the fact that the post office makes the delivery. I would estimate that it cuts out a route or two per town out of my center. Did/why did the union let this happen and is this permanent?

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    I don't KNOW the answers as far as the union, but yes, this eliminates/diverts the volume to the post office so then management can say there isn't enough volume to justify x number of routes
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    The company position is this is volume we would not have otherwise. Also fed ex has a similar service so we had to do something to compete
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    So when someone orders something do they select it to be delivered via ups or usps?
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    Check the link for answers.
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    Shoppers do not select a carrier to deliver.
    They select a service level and Sureport is one of the Ground services.
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    Hoke, it is a stretch to call SurePost a service.
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    Shippers, who pay your wages and my salary, sure seem to like it.
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    Its all devious plan to put the Post Office out of business. And for UPS to take over the world.
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    I can see that.:surprised:
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    I would love to say that I am against Surepost. Actually it does hurt the amount of drivers. But I certainly would give up the drivers to keep UPS competitive and in business. If we didn't offer the same type of service as our competitors, they would end up getting all of that type of business. It is what it is. It is a competitive service UPS needs to offer in order to have at least part of the handling (union labor)of those packages movement. Rather have some part in the movement then no part.

    In a perfect UPS world, if we didn't offer this service the volume would still stay at UPS. UPS can't keep the volume, offer the same price (or better) and still remain profitable. If we didn't offer the cut rate service (and cut rate price) that volume would more then likely go to our competitor.

    Grammer seems off....but I think it makes sense.?.?

    Note to self, dont drink and post.
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    Meh, half the time I see the postal lady toss the package on the sidewalk I walk over the surepost and deliver the same shippers package to the front door. Sad part is they only see the brown truck pull away as they wonder why we'd leave their package on the sidewalk.
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    Yeah, I see them too. I even bag them , so there is no stupidity.
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