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    Surepost is weird. I noticed the system was working to an extent because I noticed one of the 2 packages I was delivering to a rural address was addressed to the post office but had been re-pal'ed to have me deliver it. The odd thing though is that I dropped off a package to the post office the same day that was addressed to a residence right next to a business I was delivering to....
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    Not sure how their system works. Everyday I still have packages that have the black label on them and I have a package for the same address. The package however still gets sent to post office. It will come up shipper release and everything. Just like it should only it goes to the post office instead of to the address.

    How many packages of these are happening nationwide is my question.
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    If you have packages going to an address that sure post is also going, it will kick back in our system. We got back 20% of sure post packages since October. It was the union that forced that, not the company.
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    Sometimes it will kick one out that's on the same street, even if there isn't another package going to that address.
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    Hate to burst your bubble, but the company has been working on that for years. It's to the companies advantage, since it reduces cost. When we have the USPS deliver the pkg we have to pay them around a buck a package (not sure exact amount). If we deliver it while deliverying to same address, then the additional time of the driver is virtually nothing. The key was programming PAS to handle the changes to final delivery on the fly.
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    It's only designed to divert if we are making a stop already at that location, (not next to that location).
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    I guess if you want to take credit for this, go ahead....

    But when Surepost was first installed, I asked the corporate people about this and they said it was in the works.....
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    Similar to the previous post.....

    I was told that they also are working on having it direct packages to UPS delivery if its on the same street.

    For now, it redirects only if its at the same address (and the forecast is correct)
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    I found this not to be true just yesterday. I even looked for the other package but just had a surepost for that stop, and 2 other stops on the same road.
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    It's all based on forecasted packages.
  11. Not sure how ot works either, but I've had single surepost packages diverted to be delivered to the street address. Also if two surepost packages are being sent to the same address they also will be spa to customers home address
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    hall might disagree. Maybe that was the original intention of the company all along. But it seems odd that in July when UPS and Teamsters met to address intent of 9.5 language, harassment and sure post subcontracting, 3 months later we are diverting package back to our cars? It's not that I don't believe you, I just don't believe UPS. It's like when I hear that safety is our #1 priority. Been there 18 years, I know what the priority is. My post is not intended in any way to be rude. I apologize if it comes off that way.
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    Ask Hoax about this. I believe he has been involved for a very long time.
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    They have been doing this on my route for a few weeks now. Only problem is some of my "streets" can be up to 6 miles long. Again, miles are money!
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    Diverting sure post is far too brilliant if an idea to only be due to the union. Not trying to knock the union but this is a modern day version of remote. It's truly a win win for UPS. They finally have a service that they get to choose to deliver only if the profit is there.
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    Any idea? When the usps cuts their hours. I have 4 post offices I cant get to in the proposed hrs. Will I be delivering those pkgs? Or will they be taken off of my area. Diverted. To a larger driver office. Volume I want back
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    It was explained via the training on the DIAD that Surepost uses forecasts, the same thing that gives customers who track packages an "estimated delivery date"; surepost redirections aren't based on what's actually spa'd at the bldg to be loaded for delivery. However, as many a frustrated customer will tell you, the forecasted delivery date can often be wrong, for any number of reasons.

    I remember as a preloader checking the the delivery manifest for my trucks before getting started and see I had a very large bulk stop coming. I'd load the car preparing for those pieces-maybe leaving the floor or a shelf empty. I'd then have to rush close to wrap-up redistributing the load so the driver wouldn't have to wonder why his houses were crowded on the end of a shelf with most of it empty.
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    We have a rural driver in your situation and he's delivering the sure posts again.
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    We drop the packages in the letter boxes or out of sight. They are shipper release after all.
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