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    Before I explain the situation, I'm sure this is probably just a simple talk to my sup to get everything situated, but I'd like the opinion of the BC.

    Alright, well I have an ear surgery planned and scheduled for the 18th of August (A Thursday). Its a rather simple out-patient 30 minute procedure, and won't need TOO much time off. That much being said, I'll have to of course take off that day and the next, and on my return on that Monday the doctor said I need to be put on light work for the next 10 days. I'm fine by this, and my doctor said he will of course have the documents and notes I need to take the time off. My question is, is a talk with my sup really all I need? I don't have any sick or vacation days to use, but I'm sure it's not something I would have to use them for to begin with with the note I'd be able to bring in.
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    Bring it up to the sups attention now and the manager if you bump into that person. Just a simple "hey, I notified so and so" will suffice. Remind them the week before and also let them now the details of your recovery. You`ve taken the initiative to tell them in advance so they have nothing to complain about.
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    Do this:

    Giving your supervisor team notice aside,

    Goto HR and find documents for FMLA. Fill them out, bring them to your doctor and have them filled out. Give them back to your local HR person.
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    If you do go the FMLA route make sure you apply for intermittent fmla so that you may take time as needed.
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    Asinine, IIRC, you're relatively new to UPS, and part-time. I doubt you are eligible for FMLA. You would have to have worked 1,250 hours in the past year; or at least 625 hours if you have 3 years seniority (see Art. 16 of the National Contract). Check your contract supplement, or with a shop steward or union rep. to see if you are entitled to short term disability benefits (or under state or local law). Hopefully you are. If not, see what you need to do to protect your job by taking an unpaid leave of absence.
    It would be great if the Co. (your full time supervisor and/or manager) would let you have those 2 days off, and find some light duty work for you, but don't hold your breath.
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    From my personal experience, don't expect light duty unless it's a comp case.
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    Yeah, it's the day before surgery now, and I was told that I can't work since it's something unrelated to work, which is fine, I can take the week off hit. Told my full time that if possible, I'd like to get my FMLA and he told me he'd have any documents I need ready today, and explained I'll need the two doctors notes in, sometime next week, then just run back home afterwards.
  8. rod

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    Just keep in mind that your idea of "light duty" and UPS's are sure to differ.
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    Don't you need to work at least one day of the week to maintain insuranse coverage?
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    I was told that as a PT'er that its 20 hours a month. So yeah, one day of the week sounds right.
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    Here, it's 17.5 hrs a week to maintain.
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    I don't have insurance benefits to maintain to begin with, lol.