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    Hey guys, I am very proud to say I was given a chance to work for UPS as a package handler/loader. I'm currently going through my cornerstone training. I was looking for advice on getting through my pre-seniority phase and being hired on permanently. I am a college student and I am about 6 feet tall and i weigh 140 lbs. I am not in the greatest shape I'm pretty skinny. This is one of the main reasons I've joined with UPS is to get in shape and bulk up. I will take any advice you give me and I will surely be updating you guys as i progress with the company. Thanks.Proud to be part of the UPS team and part of this forum! :)
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    Work safe and steady to make seniority. Realize early on that you will never be good enough in managements eyes. Make sure you balance speed with quality and be above the bottom 20% of your fellow workers. These are a few tips to keep you stress free, able to take pride in your work, and keep you safe.
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    Just do your best you will more than likely be kept on.

    Ps working at ups will not bulk u up I know that for sure (unless you go into feeders) if your really
    Looking to put on lean muscle weight you need to take in at least your body weight in protein everyday.
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    If you want to bulk up, make sure to eat a huge protein bar at break everyday! Also, take a protein shake after work everyday. You'll pack on some pounds, eventually. Eat a lot more than you normally do, especially since summer is starting. If you don't do these things, you're bound to actually lose weight.
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    He needs to eat 140 pounds of meat a day? He is not a pride of lions.
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    Do your best, learn how to make good walls, keep a positive attitude. If they see that you are a hard worker and not someone who is likely to be lazy- they will keep you. Also, do the obvious- show up to work on time, try not to miss any days...etc.
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    Oh, also- I did start to get into shape after working at ups. Drink a fair amount of water and buy whey protein powder to use as a shake. Drink during break and after the sort. Maybe even bring a high protein snack to eat when it's slow. Peanut butter, tuna fish...protein bar. Loading will build more endurance and possibly work some cardio, you may want to go to the gym for some weight training to bulk up. ;)
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    its supposedly "grams" but whatever. Hard to bulk when your doing a cardiovascular activity.

    Realize that they are gonna cut your hours or send you home. Work a decent pace, but safe.... come everyday on time
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    Don't get hurt.
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    I think toned is a more appropriate word than "bulk". Bulk is something that you have to stack outside of your trucks until the drivers get there to finish loading for you.
  11. He meant to say the number of pounds you are is the amount of protein in grams you should consume.
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    RUN while your still young and able to, Run as far away from UPS as humanly possible! "good luck kid"
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    Do you even lift?
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    Hey guys, op here. Thanks for all the advice. I met with some people who will be working with me. They all seem very friendly. i have my DOK test tommorow and I'm feeling confident I have all of it down pat.

    Can anyone recommend a good protein powder or shake or something? I really need to start packing on the pounds!
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    I can attest. I weighed 155 when I first started as a loader. Within a month I was down to 147 & eating everything in sight. Now I'm back up to my original weight after joining a gym. After a few months your body will be fully trained for the arduous workload imposed upon you. You will lose weight, eat everything in sight. Junk food is your new best friend.
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    I'd definitely go with Optimum Nutrition. Regular or Mass like this :
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