Suspicion of Theft?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 0808, Sep 10, 2010.

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    Hello, everyone. This is my first post here after lurking for a while. I have been working preload for 3 years now, and am a good worker (I guess). I literally have not gotten a misload in about a year since I made my own method for loading (and did not get very many prior to that, anyways). However, one day a woman named Linda from "security" asked me what I did with open packages. I told her that I set them aside and got them taped at the end of the day. I asked her why she was asking, and she said that she was just checking. However, she did not ask anyone else on the belt. My question is this: could UPS be suspecting that I am stealing the contents of packages? How would I know, and what could I do about it? I may be worried over nothing, because this encounter happened about 3 weeks ago, and I figure they would have told me something by now, but I want to be sure. I know I am not always good about getting packages taped all the time (because oftentimes, tape is nowhere to be found), and I end up loading them open when things may have fallen out or gathered as overgoods. Thanks in advance for any responses!
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    It sounds as though Linda may have been doing an audit of the training that the preloaders in your center receive regarding open packages and she just happened to choose you for her audit. I wouldn't read too much in to it. However, I would suggest that you not load open packages and that you bring any open packages to the attention of your supervisor whenever possible to avoid any chance of suspicion.
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    Thanks for the answer. However, there was one other thing that I forgot to mention. Linda had come to me before, maybe about a month prior, and told me that the drivers were reporting a lot of damaged packages in their trucks. I do not intentionally load damaged packages, but sometimes it is difficult to tell by just looking at the outside that the contents are damaged. This is part of the reason that I am so paranoid about Linda talking to me again. The other part is that I am a paranoid person. I was just thinking that the two encounters could be linked. Do you figure that I would have already been investigated or something by now? Anyways, the security guard shack at the facility that I work at is a joke, and they consistently let people by (including me) even when the metal detector beeps (I have steel-toed boots). Sorry for asking the same question again, but I am quite worried about this.
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    Our preloaders are not supposed to load opened or damaged packages prior to them being checked by the clerk. It happens, unfortunately, and the drivers are left to deal with the fall out. :dissapointed:
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    There is a difference between a damaged package and an open package. There are also differences within damaged packages--external or internal. There are many times that the box looks fine but the contents have been damaged and this would be something that you would have no control over. You do have control over packages that look damaged and should not load those unless otherwise instructed to do so. You should never load an open package--that is just inviting trouble.

    There very well may be a connection between the two incidents.

    The only reason you should be worried is if there is something else that you are not telling us here.
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    Of course not. I was just wondering. I guess there is nothing to be worried about. Thanks again for the responses!
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    You're welcome. Enjoy our weekend.
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    How has your vacation been Dave? See any good movies this week?
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    It has been nice and quiet. I went to see "The American" and "Going the Distance". The American was very slow, hard to follow with a confusing ending. Clooney was Clooney but when you don't have the supporting cast, script or plot even he can't pull it off. Going the Distance was stupid--I almost walked out halfway through. This one did have a plot, albeit a weak one, and some talented actors but when every other word seems to be a swear I get turned off real quick. They were swearing just for the sake of swearing. 0 for 2 on the movies.

    Spent one day each with the kids, spent another doing odds and ends around the house and spent today washing the deck that I will be staining tomorrow. I got all of my projects that I had planned done and still found time to relax.

    How is your vacation going?
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    Mine has been quiet and relaxing as well. No movies, at least not yet. Sent a text to a gf to see if she wanted to out and have a beer tonight. Haven't heard anything back yet. No dates. :dissapointed: My life is boring.

    Haven't had my Harley for 2 weeks and found out today it's gonna be another week. :grrr: That really sucks. The weather has been awesome for riding. Ball bearings and oil pumps don't go well together. Lost the main cam bearing 2 weekends ago. Sent a ball bearing through the oil pump.

    Tried to catch up with you on the posts this week. I think a put a pretty good dent in the difference. hehehehe:happy-very:
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    I am assuming that you are an honest employee and have done nothing wrong.... If that is the case, do not worry. Do as you have done, tell the truth, follow open / damage / overgoods methods.

    UPS has a tremendous amount of data. There are many cases where dishonest employees have been caught by the data. A discrepancy may happen, and it can be traced to the driver, preloader, loader, etc. When there are an unusual amount, an individual or area is pointed to.

    It could be that damages or a claim pointed to you. Maybe.... If so, they will watch. They have a job to do and are not on a witch hunt. Just do your job, and they will go away.

    Many years ago, an investigation pointed to me. I was brought into a room, interviewed, asked tough questions, but I told the truth. I ended up becoming friends with the security person after that.

    Do not worry.

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    I'd like to comment that the OP is a Troll, but I don't want to interfere with what else is going on here...wink
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    Just to add, I doubt security would come questioning if they truly suspected theft. They would likely do discreet observations or install a camera. From the sound of it they may just be trying to address a package condition hotspot;
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    dude if you dont steal why are you worried about it,let them investigate you,question you, whatever.
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    P-man, empty your pm's.
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    If they thought you where steal something they won't be asking you. They would be watching you and then checking your belonging as you left the building (ie bags, pockets, etc). Anyways find out what the proper proceedures are for your building on open and damaged packages and follow them for now on.

    If you haven't stolen anything don't worry about it and keep up the good work. If by chance you have taken something STOP your going to get caught sooner or later.

    When I was a sorter we had a new guy unloading trailers and everybox that was open he would go through and show his buddy what was in the box. The first thing I did was tell my SUP what was going on becasue I was not getting fired for some idiot stealing crap. To make a long story short although he didn't get caught stealing that day he didn't come back to work again after they question him about what he was doing.
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    Sounds like a very guilty consience to me. Even the part about the metal detector going off at the guard shack.

    I think I could break the OP down under questioning pretty quickly.
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    I would venture to say 0808 is fishing to get information. Just a feeling, but my guess is something has fallen into his or her boot that goes off at the guard shack all the time, because of the steel toes.
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    the metal detectors in our guard shacks go off if you empty your pockets or not. All you have to do is breathe heavily on them and they go off. I would guess because they are state of the art models.
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    @0808 Better invoke Weingarten at next "interview"