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    Had a swing driver meeting this morning to address rumors that have been stirred up.. I new with the cost reduction that the company has been enforcing that Overtime would be cut. well I said I guess I could live with that but the things they are doing now are just crazy.. We have overstaffed couriers. part timers are filling 4x10's day off. no vacations in December so no rtes . We were told yea it is what it is and it's going to get worse. their may be days when u have nothing and go home or get 25 hrs that week.. if you run a rte that is not a 4x10 but get 10 then they magically say it is a 4x10. I mean come on I just want 35-40 hrs but they acting like we may not get that.. scary times
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    This is the new normal.
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    Work your 25-30 and get paid 35....not a bad deal, I've done it. This is assuming you don't turn down work. Once you do that, you waive the 35.
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    Yea your right. Thats what I thought. It's a small station so extra work not easy to find. most likely a Saturday which I'll do but even then may not reach min so yea I looked at manager after fuming over the direction of things and said ok, cool, I'll get paid 35. I worked so much OT over the years it will be good to relax for awhile. well maybe a long while. Ha! but when you say your ok with that you can see a tinge of disappointment in their face like o I wanted to rock your world and you beg not to be cut. you just got to laugh. They going to keep on digging til you quit.. Nah I'm going to keep on showing up and go where they want me to or go home..
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    Management can not match staffing to workload so its the hourly employee who has to bear the financial burden.

    ​yes that is the new normal for fedex.
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    Well said. This is another one of their forms of "attrition". Its like when a party host wants people to leave but doesnt want to outright tell them. Maybe they start taking away the food, then the beer and if that doesn't work, turn off the heat. The company is trying to turn off the heat on you but as long as to stand it and say how much you like the heat, it only digs at them even more. They want you to see all the newbies make more hours than the full-timers but you know what, just say hey that cool, I'll go see a matinee today. Good thing I grabbed a soda and bunch of candy from a customers bowl this morning lol.
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    they can not falsify your rt hours. If they put you as 4x10 when you are not they can get their asses fired. go to hr rep or call your district director
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    Also remember that a 6th day is 100% OT. If you work 30 hours M-F you are guaranteed 35 and Saturday is OT. Make a copy of your timecard showing this marked. Some managers may cancel mins or the OT, but you are entitled to both. If there is an issue just tell the Manager that your pay is wrong. Escalate if necessary. These changes are falsifying documents and could lead to termination.

    What fedupforsure said is also true. You are either scheduled to cover 4X10 or 5X8. This cannot be changed on a whim. Furthermore, did you get the additional day off? If not, then that entire day should be paid as OT. Can't have it both ways. Either it is 4X10 and you get an extra day off and/or OT for the 5th day or you get OT over 8 hours.