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    Anybody notice the quality of swing drivers getting worse. Seems all the good ones are taking routes. Must've been a corporate directive to cut their OT hours. I think that was their incentive to be swings. Now it's back firing on corporate because for swings what's the point except the OT. This will devastate stations that require area knowledge especially. I.E. extended areas.
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    Very true. Did anyone notice the quality of the company as a whole getting worse as well? Express is in a death spiral, and our chief "pilot" doesn't know how to fly. They deserve what they're going to get, which is an under-performing company that won't come even close to meeting all the promises Fred made to Wall Street. Cut all the costs you can Fred, but you've made the fatal mistake of including quality in your cuts, and that will never pass the stink test.
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    Anyone with talent has either left, or just learned to be quiet.

    Express is becoming Airborne....
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    Ouch, LOL!!