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    To start I have been with UPS for going on 8 years now. I work the preload and am switching to twilight. I haven't put much research into this either. I switching because life has forced me to make this change. On preload I always get O/T and everyone keeps telling me that twilight only works 3-4 hours a night? I hear the work is less demanding and way slower pace witch will be a nice change. I guess I'm looking for any info I can get regarding the twilight shift and what to expect. Anyone who has made this same schedule change please feel free to chime in as well.
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    completely different building to building...preload barely gets 3.5 here while twi you can get 5 if you really let them know you want to stay.
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    None of this is helpful in any way but thanks anyway....I guess?
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    Are you staying part of the preload operation and just changing shifts or moving to the hub side?

    Keep in mind you could lose 1.00 an hour leaving the preload operation. You can avoid this by sorting, pick off.
    You are guaranteed 3.5 hours a day make sure you get it. You can also pick up time before and after the shift do not let supervisors set up and wrap up. Do not let other employees do it off the clock.
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    I would suggest that you research this in your own building. People working there will be able to tell you exactly what to expect, including how many hours. You can do this research by finding out the start time and arriving 10-15 minutes early and asking some of the people that appear to be employees.

    Here it is a best guess.

    In my building, preloaders regularly get 5 hours a day, they are forced to punch out at 4:59 to avoid OT. Local sort regularly leaves at 3.5, some less. That is my building though.
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    depending on how late your center's drivers are out , you could find yourself with more idle time on twi . And yes most twi operations have fewer daily hours , since all the feeders have set departure times .
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