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    Hey...all we need is a few hostages and we have ourselves a Syria-gate?
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    Hey we help train Osama bin Laden fight the Russians in Afghanistan what could go wrong here?
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    Thats ok....two wrongs make it right in progressive hypocrite math.
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    Can anyone please explain what is the end game in this conflict ?
    Honestly just what are the USA's interests ?
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    I think the USA just wants to go all across the globe and see how many people they can tick off!!!!Why does a lot of the world hate us?.Go figure!!
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    Both sides hate us, so our "interests" ought to be limited to making sure that the chemical weapons arent used againt Syrian civilians, Israel or us.

    Oddly enough, one could make the case that in some ways both we and Israel would be better off if Assad remained in power. Tyrant though he is, he has honored the cease-fire agreement with Israel since the end of the Yom Kippur War, and unlike a stateless terrorist entity he has been rational enough to not use his chemical weapons against us or Israel. Should he ever lose control of that arsenal, whoever winds up with them may not choose to act with the same level of restraint.
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    As for Canada, we refuse to arm Al Quiada (they are along the fighting rebels our news sources say).
    We might be part of a no flight source though, just as we done with Libya.
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    Let Allah sort it out !!
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    There is a substantial (approximately 10%) Christian minority within Syria, who tend to be pro-regime due to the fact that under Assad they are free to practice their faith without government persecution. They are in deep $%&@ if the rebels win this conflict.
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    Go on and watch some of the torture/beheading videos that these scum towelheads do to each other in the name of allah and then tell me why would we want to even get involved.
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    Just tongue in cheek --but some people may say this is why Obama is supporting the rebels.
    If Assad is just a thug and murderer ---What will be the Rebels be ? Do not always agree with Rod but I am hoping we stay out of this one.

    If Chemical weapons pose a threat to the U.S. --DO SOMETHING.

    If they pose a threat to Israel or any other country --let them do something.

    President Obama and McCain 's position are foolish --take one set of killers out --to put another set of killers in .

    The only "red line" we should be worried about is on the Balance sheet.

    Americans have to wake up --the left -right deal has blinded us in many ways.
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    If that's the way to go about getting it, wouldn't it be cheaper to buy it? We have plenty of our own, just not allowed to exploit it.
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    I think it's high time we stop world policing. If we were out stopping world atrocities, we'd be in Africa. And we'd be loved. Instead we're out in oil rich countries doing things for a bottom line. I can agree to a point that if you're going to intervene in something, best to intervene in something that will have a lasting payback like Syria, but the world sees it for what it is because we put out the BS that we're spreading democracy. It's no wonder a lot of countries hate us.
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    Shocking to see how many people are in LA-LA land.

    Clearly I am not for involvement in Syria --and also believe we should bring ALL troops home to the U.S to rebuild infrastructure , assist in natural disastors and close our borders.

    Where have we CONQUERED and Confiscated OIL ????? Kuwait ?? Iraq ??? ==Sure we will just take it from Syria !!!

    That why our Gas prices are so cheap !!:happy-very: You mean after we take the country we still have to pay for it ??
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    hmmm I ponder, but do not comment.

    Container Ship Carrying Weapons for Syrian Rebels Splits in Half/Sinks

    ‘A large fleet named “Mol Comfort” carrying Arms for FSA from the U.S. has crashed in the Indian Ocean
    as it made its way from Singapore to Jeddah, on board were 4,500 containers
    loaded with arms for the Syrian rebels’

    Container Ship Carrying Weapons for Syrian Rebels Splits in Half/Sinks | Alternative