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    Ok..in my 15 years I have NEVER had a TLA session...ever. All of a sudden, we have a TLA handout. Well, my question is this...if I don't respond, and we all know how I, a Fred-fearing-hoping-I-still-have-a-job-afterward-due-to-contrary-beliefs employee, would definitely L U V to answer, I don't want the target on my back.

    Any thoughts?
  2. DS

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    I'm a ups driver,so I'm not sure if TLA means the same thing.
    Talk Listen Act?
    It's supposed to be a GOOD thing.They have a talk,over lunch or a coffee,listen to hear your concerns,and act to make your job easier.
  3. Cactus

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    Is this a TLA session at the district office or just at your station?
  4. Pottsburg

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    I use to have TLAs at least once every 2 months with my Manager. You can always ask for one.
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    We have TLA's several times a year. In fact, I believe that our MD requires managers to do it in order to "understand" the hourlies better. This is a complete waste of time because FedEx is directed from the top-down, much as the Vatican directs each Catholic diocese on what it should do. More show and no go due to the fact that nothing substantial is going to be changed by the conversation.
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    When I was in 5th grade it stood for True Love Always.
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    "Talk, Listen, Action", so it's pretty much the same idea. Problem is, that it's absolutely meaningless because management doesn't fulfill the "action" part of the acronym.
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    I had a manager who whenever we spoke(pretty much about anything) asked me to code TLA on my time card... LOL
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    At UPS I had a TLA about once a year. It was always over breakfast (but was not counted as break time if you told them you didn't consider it "being on break". Management paid and you could count on nothing happening if you had a complaint. I never trusted the whole dog and pony show as they seemed to always try to steer the conversation toward "who was the center screw up" in hopes of you ratting out someone.
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    Yep. They need to have a certain amount of TLA (Code 48/TLA) to keep in the good graces of MEM. I get the same thing whenever I have an issue and talk with a manager. "Code it TLA". Totally phony.
  12. MrFedEx

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    "Dog and Pony Show". Perfect description.


    Dang..you get fed on their dime? Ours was just a handout...fill this out with your name and EE number and turn it in. That right there told me that I was definitely NOT filling it out.
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    I've done a couple and it is a waste of time. It was a sitdown on the clock though. More recently, several years ago, I actually said to my manager.. "this is stupid. I'm not filling this out haha, I'll talk to you about stuff if I need to." And now he never brings it up with me.
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    Just throw it out ! If its that important your manager will come looking for you. If this happens just tell them what they want hear, then continue to do excellent job that you always do for you customers.
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    TLA every year for me. Free lunch and I get to share. I can say the same thing daily, as I am Blessed with a really good
    Manager. But in UPS for my area, it is designed for a talk to management in a non work area.
  17. Once a year after your shift, group meeting over dinner, all complaints out the door, manager marks down your name if you complained. That's all...
  18. franknitty

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    I'll never participate in TLA or SFA ever again !


    I think I'm going to go Franknkitty's route.
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    I've already gone that route, I passed on the SFA last year. Have never had or even heard of TLA, though. But with the head-up here, I'll skip those if asked to participate!