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    Had something funny to share with everyone that happened last month.

    We had a health and safety week that included flu shots and endless parade of health activists on our way in to the diad room. During a PCM, a woman who works in the office jumped in and started talking about our diads. She told us how disgusting our diads were and that WE needed to keep them clean before handing them to each customer to sign.

    She told us WE need to use anti-bactierial wipes to disinfect our diads between customers to keep disease down. Being a heavily unioned center, one of our drivers asked if these wipes would be supplied to every package car for this purpose. SHE TURNED TO HIM RED IN THE FACE


    Everyone just looked on, chuckling about how she reacted. Unfortunatly, if these office clowns realized half the drivers piss in a Gatorade bottle because we have no choice, maybe they wouldn't react that way. There should be anti-bactierial wipes near the empty first aid kit in my truck at all times. :surprised:

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    A classic case of someone over-reacting to the impending cold and flu season. I don't think you really can do EVERYTHING possible to prevent getting the bug if it hits the center you work in or on the road.

    Any opportunity to get a good hand washing at any business you deliver to is probably good idea. Unless an epidemic is declared in your area, why sweat it?
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    Just another example of how some UPS office/sales/management employees have no idea of what it's like in the real UPS world, out there on the road, "on the front lines" so to speak. If she could work with IE to get a "wiping allowance" figured in to our day I would be all for it!

    On a side note, I too like the Gatorade bottle over a regular soda bottle. The wide mouth opening comes in handy!:wink2:

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    I have always been a big fan of managements theory that it's OK to take the few seconds to, I don't know, clean the DIAD, the stylus, sell the company, hand out a calendar or other UPS literature, use hand sanitizer and get the big picture.

    Those few seconds are fine until they are YOUR few seconds. On an OJS you shouldn't waste time in the back of a pkg car, grab an extra DR bad, pet a dog, talk to a customer, be friendly, because, you know, those seconds all add up.

    So which is it??

    Both are part of the job.
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    She must not had much of a childhood. When I think about some of the stuff we played with and then ate our packed lunch with out washing our hands, wow.

    If you are healthy and use a little common sense you won't catch all those nasty diseases she is worried about.