Take Charge Points on MYChoice Signups

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  1. 'Lord Brown's bidding'

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    I just noticed on UPSers.com that we can now get points for getting people to sign up for UPS MyChoice. It is a promotion lasting from May 20th to September 20th; I'm hoping if it proves to be a success that it will become permanent. I understand MyChoice is important to maintain market share or even grow our business on the residential side of things (and maybe even commercial, when it comes to small businesses), ergo job security for myself, which should be enough motivation to sign up new members (already signed myself up couple of months ago). However, the possibility of money (however small the amount) may lead some more drivers to promote the program, which will hopefully lead to more people signing up and asking for UPS as their preferred deliverer of choice, which leads to not only increased security for me but maybe prompt corporate to hire more fulltime drivers to deliver and create more FT hub jobs to process the extra packages.

    As an aside, one new benefit of MyChoice is to allow members to not only be notified whenever a package is being sent to them via Surepost (this benefit is available in the suite of options for the Basic MyChoice program, which is free), but also to pay a small fee (I think $3.50) to have that upgraded to Ground service. A lot of you on here have talked about customers complaining about SurePost, so this alone (and again, it's available to those who sign up for MyChoice Basic, which is free) could enable you to sign up some new program members. 75 signups gets you a Kindle Fire, or the equivalent points; 100 gets you an iPad, or equivalent points.
  2. wornoutupser

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    I have not yet had a customer request a my choice delivery since the progrm started.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If my customers had a choice they would choose a different driver.
  4. TooTechie

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    Waiting for someone to make that their BC signature
  5. Monkey Butt

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    ​But ... but ... but ... this is suppose to save much, much money for UPS.
  6. Limper

    Limper Out For Delivery

    ​ Just out of curiosity, are you on the Take Charge/Sales Lead committee?
  7. Harry Manback

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    You'll get boned on the points, I guarantee it.
  8. Jackburton

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    I get paid 33 bucks an hour to deliver packages till 8-9pm. I don't need any incentive to make my day any longer than it already is.
  9. brown bomber

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    absolutely,..prior to my retirement, there were several "contests"...some were in building, others were nation-wide..........not one of them paid off as advertised
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    The only benefit I have seen customers use is the ability to go online and sign for there package that free. I don't see to many customers paying ant of the service that cost money as they really aren't that great...

    So how are you going to get credit for telling people to sign up??? All they have to do is go online and sign up without your help.
  11. 'Lord Brown's bidding'

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    Two of what I'd think would be the most popular features-being notified of deliveries the day before and the morning of (in additional to once the delivery has been made), as well as being able to request an alternate delivery location, eg one's workplace-are features the route driver would not notice, except for maybe subtle clues, like that annoying house who used to always get deliveries when not home-some may have been tempted to will call them the first day, and an even bolder some may have done so-now after the first attempt you no longer have the package for the next day.

    I do have a couple of e-sig on file deliveries, and one of them used it for wine (an adult-sig req normally) as well as electronics. I'm going to verify the e-sig authorizing leaving adult-sig pkgs, but if so, I got several consignees who always try to leave SDNs for wine; can finally give em an option to use.
  12. oldngray

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    Remember the sales lead points?
  13. beentheredonethat

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    Not sure if you use it or not personally. I have it and I like knowing when a package ships from a company and when it's due to be delivered. I also like the flexibility to be able to reroute the pkg etc. I haven't needed to use it yet. However the main reason UPS positioned the service was to get customers to want to utilize UPS as their inbound carrier. So they will ask the shippers to ship it UPS. That was the main goal, the goal was not to gai lots of additional revenue on the accessorial services.
  14. Monkey Butt

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    Revenue was never in the equation.
    ​It was all about saving money on NI1 and NI2.
    We get 3 or 4 packages weekly and it is nice to see the packages coming and when delivered.
  15. 'Lord Brown's bidding'

    'Lord Brown's bidding' Well-Known Member

    No, I am not. I am not even aware of the existance of such a committee to be honest.

    My motive is I believe I understand the MyChoice program. It pains my heart to pull up to Lowe's loading dock and see 5-8 pallets-probably 300-500 pieces-for FedEx Home delivery, every day. Just a couple of hundred more and they'd take stops off of me, and that's a new route in my area, another FT job, another Pt moving up. A lot here point to our superior service as to why we beat fedex, but the old-school ideas of quality service don't seem to matter as much; price does, but also convenience. MyChoice may help swing customer sentiment back to us, as it is all about convenience, and those additional sources of revenue that are within the service-eg. the fees to reroute a pkg or get a guaranteed time delivery window-could even help make Ground deliveries profitable again. That's the hope I have for the program.
  16. 'Lord Brown's bidding'

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    MyChoice doesn't extend our day in anyway, save the seconds it takes to recommend the program to a customer. Electronic signatures, asking for packages to be delivered to another address (normally work, and off the residential delivery's route) can only help to make the day lighter. The 2-hr guaranteed window is not chosen by the customer, rather it is based on the average time packages are delivered in an area. Someone with a split might have their day difficult, but otherwise no real change, for the most part.
  17. 'Lord Brown's bidding'

    'Lord Brown's bidding' Well-Known Member

    To get credit for the customer signing up, you must have a take charge card, which you'd have if you have had a sold and producing sales lead (if you don't have one you can sign up for the program via upsers.com; maybe HR can help, as well). Underneath the cardholder's name is a code, 9 characters long on mine (letters and numbers). Give them that code to enter when they sign up and you get credit for the lead. I am going to test it out tonight when i get my mom and inlaws to sign up.
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    We are not authorized to accept e-sigs for adult sig pkgs, especially wine. You must get a physical signature from the consignee without exception.
  19. 'Lord Brown's bidding'

    'Lord Brown's bidding' Well-Known Member

    I meant to add "if I remember correctly" to that statement. Not absolutely sure i was able to use MyChoice for a wine delvery.
  20. Jackburton

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    My customers have their "delivery estimate" window changed based on what split I have for the day. If anything it shows our inconsistency on the delivery side of our buisness. Every e signature I get has been for a no dr location, and it's somewhat hard to recommend a service to someone when you're knocking on thier door and hitting the truck by the time they answer it. I'm not sure what center you work out of where you have time to sell a service at residential stops, around here every second counts and someone's counting them.