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    I need some idea's from the upser's family. My husband is a package car driver and I have the luxury of staying home to finish college. My daughter's school is doing a take your child to work day and I know with the husband being a package car driver that is hard to do since she can't really be on a package car with him. Our daughter really wants to go to work with her dad and we are trying to think of a way he can bring this up to his management and a plan that will work. I want to get some idea's from here before he brings it up. The date is for April 26 and our daughter has to get a letter on a company letter head with that date, time she was there and signed my management. Thanks!!!
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    our building did this last year,about 10 kids came to work,they came in on the preload.
    none went on the road but they did take them for a ride in the training package car it seats 10.
    they also had them do minor things during the preload like work in decap scanning packages and small sort.they took a tour of the building.
    they also watched the training videos. then at the end they had lunch in the break room. when they were leaving the DM gave each a bag
    with t shirts and other UPS giveaways. they kids seemed to like the day.
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    Haha I can only imagine taking out children on route.

    "See that guy at the dock? He makes me palletize all the deliveries. What a dick!"

    "No honey, I'm not crying. I'm just sweating <sob>."
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    I'm not a praying man but this would be something I would go to church for. Plus, I would work the day for free. Because I oh so want to look over into the passenger seat at 3 am and yell to the sleeping child (spouse too, pretty please?) "HEY! YOUR DAD JUST BACKED A TRAILER INTO A TIGHT BAY FOR THE 30TH TIME SO FAR TONIGHT WITHOUT HITTING ANYTHING OR KILLING SOMEONE! NOW YOU KNOW WHAT I DO TO KEEP A ROOF OVER YOUR HEAD AND FOOD IN YOUR STOMACH AND WHERE THOSE EXPENSIVE SOFTBALL BATS COME FROM MISSY! ONLY 4 MORE HOURS TO GO AT LEAST! AIN'T THIS FUN!!!!!!!!"

    As far as the OP I don't see a snowballs chance of your daughter getting to ride with her father. Maybe she could go in before and see what it takes to get the truck ready to go and then go back at the end of the day to see what is done with packages picked up. As far as on route maybe you could follow in a personal car from stop to stop for an hour and she could tag along as he made a delivery to see that part.
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    The wife and I had a "make a child at work" night a few times. Does that count?
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    I've been driving for close to 15 years and one thing I learned early on is that UPS doesn't care about me. If they don't care about me, why would they care about my kids coming to work, nevermind getting me home before they are in bed.
    Family doesn't matter to UPS because they can't measure family time on a report.
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    ship her to hub early am nda to his center and open package there?
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    Take your child to work day ?? Isn't that gonne be John Edward's defense ??
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    I am not letting my teenage daughters anywhere near those clowns I work with, especially the pre-loaders.
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    They should have the kids load trucks. They can handle at least 3 trucks per child.
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    One of our drivers brought his 3 young boys to work with him this morning. They were all dressed in their baseball uniforms. They were there as a visual aid to remind us (drivers) that schools are closed this week and that the kids will be out and about. They got to climb in and out of Dad's pkg car and each took a turn "driving". The smiles on their faces were priceless. Their grandfather brought them home after the PCM.

    We joked with the center manager that he should let the kids do the dispatch for the day.
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    I'd pass and take her to church instead.
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    If THAT ain't the truth, I don't know what is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Godless company.
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    I need a clarification here. When you say "take your child to work", do you mean MY work? Or just somewhere where they can work and bring in an extra income for the family? She's only 6 so I'm thinking she may be limited on what she can accomplish.
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    I'm sure, that speaking with your Husband's center manager before hand, he just might approve of him bringing the kids before start time and show them around. I once took my son to our Hub on a Saturday to pick up a package and he got to see and step inside my truck, this was definitely a treat for him.
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    Cool, a driver helper in April. "here Billy, run these off for me".
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    Personally, I wouldn't want my kids ANYWHERE around UPS. Don't want them getting any misguided career ideas.
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    My suggestion - Have your husband ask his center manager or HR representative about "My Most Important Stop". It is a safety initiative being done in many places where with the help of HR, employees schedule then bring in members of their family, usually at driver start time. The family members get a brief tour and usually some trinkets. Photos are taken and usually posted on a safety board in the facility. I know in my area, HR is more than happy to get volunteers for these, and will help schedule and get buy in from the center management team. I am sure they would be happy to get a letter for your daughter as well if you let them know up front.
  20. cachsux

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    America is not the land of the child worker sweat shops anymore. But give us time, we'll get back to it.