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    I have a driver whose route is aproximatley a half mile from his house. Can he break trace and eat at his home? What are the rules for breaking trace to eat at home? do u clock out at as soon as u break trace and than clock in when u return to the vehicle? anyone know company policy? any info would be helpful. thx
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    Company policy seems to vary from Center to Center, like a lot of other issues. I would suggest asking what the current Center Manager thinks. The contract only says we get so much time, it is too vague and gets interpeted different ways.
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    There is an UPSer that lives on my corner and he is there every afternoon for lunch and then I see him again around 5pm every day. I had often wondered if his route was so close he gets that luxury. Must be nice, I would love my driver to be able to come home for lunch but he is to far out by lunch time for him to go all the way home. Waah!
  4. my route is where I live I come for lunch everday.
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    Half mile? What's the big deal? Let him go and leave him alone.
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    We had a driver dinged for going less than a quarter-mile to eat lunch at home. The neighboring driver started throwing him stops near his house to cover him. Pre-PAS/EDD, of course.

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    I take my hour and 20 at the end of every day so I can have some time with my family during the week. Since we don't have a job that starts at 6 in the morning (8:20 is our start time) I always run the risk of missing a chance to see my daughters during the week. I get home to late.
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    I just had a 3 day ride and I asked my Sup. this question. He is cool with a 1 mile radius from where I deliver my last stop before punching out. i have a lot of choices in that distance. I don't have the luxury of taking it at home. Scratch is right though, I'm sure if you asked 5 different managers, you'd get 5 a different responses.

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    A half mile is not that far at all, if that is the distance from his route's area. The guy us lucky he can do that. We have a few drivers that work routes around their homes.

    They can change if they're too sweaty. They can change if they're soaked in rain. They can have a hot meal without paying someone at Quiznos. They can use their own bathroom without using toilet seat gaskets.:happy2:

    As long as they are not screwing up, let them do it.
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    Did it for years......more than once waking up from a two hour nap, showering during a muggy summer day! In feeder now soooooo much better!
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    I live on my route. I plan on retiring on it for the reason that I can go home for lunch, bathroom breaks and "nooners".
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    I have had two bid routes in the 20 years I 've been a driver. My wife and I built a house on my family's farm when I was on the first route. I bid to my current route 7 years ago. Our house sits right where the two routes meet. I have eaten lunch at my house every day for the last 17 years.

    Years ago my daughter was having a birthday party and one of the children's parents we didn't know called to get directions. I began explaining it to her and she said "is that the new house that the UPS truck sits at all the time?"

    I am always clocked out when I am there and I run pretty close to scratch every day. When I have Sup rides that is where we stop.
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    I have experienced both extremes.

    I used to live on my old run and I would stop to eat at the house. My center manager at that time was an old school hammer. He got upset about something else and told me that I would be fired if he ever saw me at home again.

    Many years later I have a rural run and I was allowed 7 miles to go eat. My center manager at that time didnt care and was on car with me.

    Last year I had a sup from another area ride with me and he blew a gasket at me because I wanted to cross the highway to eat at the only place on the entire run. I had to wait until 4:30 to start lunch with him onboard. I have seen many variations on this one!
  14. My management team is so bad to us that when I get my ride next time I am pulling into my yard and tell my sup I will be back in my hour and 10 while I leave him in the truck.:happy-very:
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    Nice-I've seen it done.
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    Better enjoy 'em while they last -

    There's no federal law that provides for lunch or coffee breaks, but some states have provisions

    Workers at VendorSeek.com don’t get any lunch breaks Monday through Thursday.

    A study by KFC found that 60 percent of workers in Corporate America actually considered the lunch hour “the biggest myth of office life.”

    Many workplace experts suspect even those workers allotted a half hour for lunch never leave their desks anyway.

    And all you uptight Northeasterners are also taking shorter lunches than your counterparts in the rest of the nation. :huh:

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    Here, we are allowed up to 1 mile off trace for lunch. They have tried many times to break this but as yet have not been successful at it. I have 4 rtes that I can do that are within 1 mile of my house. If I am backed aginst the wall on them I will not go home. If I have the time.......
    you bet I'm going home.
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    That's me ... I go by the store on Monday mornings and buy 5 frozen entrees. Heat them up at work, eat at my desk and try to get caught up. Not everyday but most days that's the routine.
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    For a while I was told I couldn't go off my route for lunch. The sup rode with me and said if I ran bonus no one would care where I ate.