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    Rush Limbaugh is the largest purveyor of "fake phone calls". Everyday , he uses a myriad of callers from those who thank him for converting them to republican, to callers who claim to be democrats but sound ridiculously stupid.

    No news here.

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    It's good to have a Limbaugh listener to provide this perspective.
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    It's very real. Doesn't mean it's factual.
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    Never heard Rush's show......don't do radio.
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    I think your grasping at straws there. I don't listen to many top 40 radio station morning shows, but from what i have listened to its obvious a lot of the more outrageous callers are obviously fake, and these shows can hardly be considered real talk radio. Phil Hendri is the only actual talk radio show host who obviously uses fake callers to incite real people to listen, but I believe most of your more political oriented talk radio shows like Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Ingram, L, and Boortz all take real calls from real listeners with real opinions. Most of them do filter out the boring calls or the ones that they don't feel will grab the listeners attention, but they are real none the less.
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    Prove it....

    Not a fan of Rush, but that's not the point. You're making a claim here that you can not substantiate. Sorry pal, the\at reduces your credibility.

    From the article:
    " Rush Limbaugh vigorously denied yesterday that he had ever employed fake callers (and none of the people I talked to linked fake calls to political talk radio).
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    Talk radio is like Brown Cafe. Its great entertainment---------------- but don't believe everything on it.