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    Hello there fellow UPSers,

    I have worked at the Oak Creek hub in Wisconsin (largest one in our state) for almost 10 years now. It all started way back in 1999 when I graduated from high school and needed someone to pay for my college. I used the Earn and Learn program and ended up with a Degree for Graphic Design.

    I was hired on as temporary employment during peak of 2000. They liked the way I worked and my punctuality and was asked to stay... I accepted. It didn't take me long to see how things worked, and I really didn't like hanging out loading semi trailers by myself all day. I asked what other jobs were available and it just so happened they needed to train 2 sorters.

    I finished all my sort tests in about a month, while working in different areas, tilt tray, slides, preload, unload, jam breaker, bulk, service center, cerc committee... During this time, I lost about 40 lbs. I ended up on the main sort aisle during the day sort. I have worked twilight, and preload, but the day time is actually very slow... here anyways. The supervisors, and even full time management are very laid back and lenient compared to other shift management members.

    I have found a spot that is perfect for me with a group of guys that can make the day go by quickly. We have all worked together for so long we are like family. Supervisors come and go, and the loaders never stay for more than a couple months. I got the nick-name TapeJob because of the way they say I handle the packages. I was surprised it wasn't already taken. I have many interests and hobbies, so don't hesitate posting something or sending me a message.
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    Welcome buddy....it was nice having you in chat for a bit tonight..sunday nights is generally the busy night in there everyone relaxing a but and unwinding before the hectic week starts

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    Welcome to Brown Cafe.
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    Hi, Tape, welcome!
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    welcome tapejob, in a similar vein, are there any mechanics out there that can fix a flat tire and get it inflated real quick, might I suggest a similar name that is similar to tapejob. except that the fist syllable rhymes with glow?:devil3: (I probably shouldn't post this but my throbbing headache is impeding my judgement
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    Soon as I seen the name TapeJob I thought of Kenmei lol
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    Who is Kenmei?

    It is funny because I wanted "Leaker" first off, but didn't wanna be known as that. The name TapeJob kinda stuck after everyone realized how many packages were ending up in the service center because of me. Just toady, there were 80 damged packages in one trailer because of Monavie. I live in WI and last night it was well below zero, meaning all those glass bottles exploded and then had all night to leak all over before we started.
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    Me too. LOL In fact I was gonna ask if he was Kenmei then I saw your post. Too funny.

    Kenmei is/ was a poster whose dream job was to be a "taper". I haven't seen him around in a while.
  9. drewed

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    Tapejob was in the chat room yesterday...i went in and wrote KENMEI!!!!! sadly helen informed me that this was in fact not kenmei :(
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    Brown Cafe - View Profile: kenmei@@AMEPARAM@@View Profile: kenmei@@AMEPARAM@@kenmei
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    *Cries in agony that the TS is, in fact, not Kenmei*
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    LOL. I'm sorry you guys, but my name is not Kenmei. And believe me, it is not a dream job.
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    TapeJob, I've had a few of your messed up pkgs in my load over the years. I'm in WI also. BM
  14. helenofcalifornia

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    Where is Kenmei? Hope he made it through Christmas OK. Probably layed off now and doesn't know what to do. Or stuck in that room. With his taper gun. And the guy with the evil eye on him.

    It's funny everybody thought Tape Job was Kenmei reincarnated.
  15. rod

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    I heard Kenmei had been appointed to Obamas staff. ------------------Sec. of Taper Guns

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    Kenmei is currently working as a high level lobbyist in Washington to try to push the economic stimulus package through.
  17. helenofcalifornia

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    God I hope they don't look into Kenmei's taxes too deeply. He would make an excellent Secretary of Taper Guns!