Target going to Fedex?

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Rumor has it that Fedex won the contract for Target? Just wondering if anyone else has heard this or if I got some false info. Apparently Target wasn't happy about surepost or something?
Apparently this is the last week Target will ship with Ups? Idk man, this is just what I heard from a co worker who does that pick up.
I haven't heard anything. But I do know that I deliver some big heavy crap from Target.

It wouldn't be surprised if we lose an account because if some stupid metric we didn't hit.


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Our operation had to bleed targets on Saturday they had so much. I highly doubt it. Put this in the bin where "I hear the post office is loosing Amazon, post office cant handle amazon were getting them back"


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I guess FedEx offered to ship 40lbs of cat litter for a $1.20 vs UPS offering to do it for $1.50. Tomorrow you’ll hear about how we’re overpaid and losing accounts to FedEx because we can’t stay competitive.


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Boscov's - Wikipedia

A pretty successful brick and mortar store in the Northeast. They don’t sell hillbilly crap, so you never heard of them.
I dunno how they're still in business... it's not like they have a huge presence in the internet...

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Guess they target old farts mostly, just like what Sears had done
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