Targeting Injured Employees

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    This has always been a problem at FedEx, but with the push to save $1.7B, they are really pulling-out all the stops to harass injured employees. I know of two at my station, neither of which made it back in 90 days. By the way, Sniper, both of them lost their routes, so I guess they didn't suck hard enough to get Individual Consideration. Both are excellent couriers, and have always been stellar employees. They are also what would be termed Legacy Couriers...over 45, topped-out, with over 20 years of service. Neither is likely to be able to return within 6 months, perhaps even longer. Both are already being harassed and being told they had "pre-existing conditions".

    It's pretty clear that there is a corporate objective to eliminate these people. Again, what we need is a "Deep Throat" in upper management who actually has a conscience and will reveal the internal correspondence that will prove this accusation. You can't all be Satan worshippers who bow at the altar of FWS. I personally know several of you who wouldn't shed a tear if Fred burst into flames right now and went straight to Hell. You "know" me, but you don't know about what I do here. So, how about it? If you're really the honest Christians you proclaim to be, out this charade for all to see and stop FedEx from ruining the lives of people who have been dedicated, loyal employees for many years.

    You could contact the press, or contact a class-action attorney and turn the documents over to them. You can also PM me with the same information, and I promise total confidentiality. Your identity will never be revealed. I just want to see this stop. The only names that need to be on there would be the top dogs. You could even black-out the names if you'd like....all that is needed is the document(s).

    Somewhere in the hierarchy of FedEx is someone with a conscience who is as sickened by all of this as I am. Like I said, it's ruining lives. A good Christian shouldn't be able to tolerate that. I know you read this forum and agree with much of what is said. We go way back together. Please do the right thing.
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    Again, this is not that different from what is happening at other employers. Have you heard anything about rising health care costs???
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    OK, but does that make it OK? Let's say that your center manager knows you ride a KTM in the dirt, and then you blow out your knee in your package car. How would you like it if they said your injury was because you ride dirt bikes, not delivering packages? That's what they would do at FedEx.
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    I had surgery on both shoulders as a result of driving trucks with no power steering. A couple of people within UPS told me that even though the Dr and comp provider agreed that it was work related, they KNEW it was from dirt bike racing and if I kept racing, they would fire me.

    Spend some time with racers and you will hear the same story from people that work at other companies.
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    Nothing like the good old non power steering trucks! UPS saved a bundle by yanking the factory power steering out! Didnt they???
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    It's still wrong.
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    The point I was trying to make is that what your are complaining about is not unique to FE. Not by a longshot.

    Your sky is falling posts get very, very tiring.
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    I agree
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    May I suggest a Solution?

    Click on the UPS driver icon at top left.

    Scroll down and double click on ​Square ICON to the left of the Forum you don't want to read (such as FedEx or Current Events) and none of the posts are listed when you click on "New Posts".
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    The other, more useful option is "ignore all posts by this user"


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    I am a bit confused.

    Did you mean I gave two intelligent answers?


    Did you mean I gave a too intelligent answer for you to understand? :wink2:

    ​Dats what up! LOL
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    He mearly said it isn't exclusive to FedEx.
    I actually find a lot of his posts amusing.
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    What about the senior CRR who goes out on a yearly basis for 89 days... for an "injury" We have a few of these suckers here...
    most people joke about it FedEx doesn't seem to give a crap.
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    Then don't read them. You have no idea WTF goes on over here, so shut it.
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    We have a few people who go see Dr. Summerov or Peakov pretty much every year. Nothing ever seems to happen with them.
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    What about the people who are legitimately injured? I guess it's OK to send the hounds after them. Talk to an Express employee who has been hurt on the job and see how the company dealt with them. I think we've got a massive case of Stockholm Syndrome here.

    About 10 years ago, I watched a handler fall through a sideload plate covering the gap between the CTV and the dock. These were the Mickey Mouse aluminum plates FedEx would use to cover the 12-20" between the truck and the building because they were too cheap to buy the proper pneumatic system. People fell off these frequently. Anyway, this guy hit his back on the deck and was rolling around in pain so bad he was screaming. The paramedics had to administer morphine. FedEx jacked this poor guy around for a quite awhile. He was too dedicated to sue, so he got the full treatment from the company. They blamed him, and he was gone within the year, permanently screwed-up. His "reward" was an accommodation job that the company eliminated exactly one year from the date of the accident.

    Sometimes, the people on here amaze me with their cluelessness.
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    Being a "stellar" employee has nothing to do with "sucking hard enough".

    93 days, 98 days and 103 days is NOT the same as 6 months (182.5 days).
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    I'm not saying it doesn't happen, I just haven't been privy to it in my decade plus at Express. Generally, my station is pretty lax when it comes to on the job injuries which is highlighted by the same people having the summer or peak off with injury year in, year out.