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    hey all!

    i'm thinking of moving and applying to a hub but had a question maybe some of you could answer for me. i've been working at fedex for almost a year now and enjoy it for the most part. the location in the area i'm thinking of moving to only runs two shifts that would not be cohesive with working two jobs. i've been interested in ups for some time now (worked seasonal a few years back before starting fedex). there's a ton of people at my center with tattoos and it's not a big deal. what's ups' stance on hiring people to work on the inside with visible tattoos? also, what about the other handlers on the inside view's? i know that i'll most likely never be able to be a driver with them and that's ok. rules are rules.

    thanks guys!!
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    No problems with tats on the inside. We have one Cover Driver that is getting his removed by laser now. He used to have the outlines of flames on his legs and arms, we call him "Flamethrower". I guess we will have to rename him after a few more treatments.
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    You could be all tattooed up like a NBA basketball player on the Denver Nuggets and you would fit right in no problem.
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    I have come to the conclusion that the tatoo policy varies by location there are serval people in my building with numerous visible tatoos showing and nothing has ever been said.
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    Yet another FDX Mole....I'm telling you all that they are here and you need to be careful what you say.
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    I'm a driver at UPS and all my tats are non-visible in uniform. There are several drivers in my center with lower-arm/ lower-leg tats clearly visible and it's not much of an issue, but that's my center. From what others have said, it's an issue in other centers/ other parts of the country.

    As far as non-driver inside work goes, tattoo away.
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    This is the #1 reason why I have never got a tatoo. My tastes have changed over the years. Even if you get one in your mid 30's, are you still going to like it at 45? I guess things like kids names or relatives would work for me. Other than that, I'm not sure.

    As for tatoos at UPS, I see a handful or two of drivers with them visible through the uniform. Heck, we have one with a tatoo on his head and its allowed. I guess he can hide it by growing his hair in so maybe its the best place to get one? ha ha
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    As long as you're not tatted like the YAKUZA, you shouldn't have a problem.:wink2:


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    They are strict in my building on tattoos. We have one guy who wears pants and long sleeves all year as a result of his tattoos. I have tattoos on my legs, so I'm in pants year round. It doesn't bother me much. I never wore the UPS shorts to start with.
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    thanks so much for the replies, guys!! very much appreciated! you've eased my mind.
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    We have an air exception driver that does his own tattoos and is tattooed like the yakuza . . . on one side.

    Our old CMs never paid much attention to it. A year or so ago though they came around and took pictures of any drivers with visable tats and told everyone that if you get more you will have to cover them up. I wear tuck in long sleeve shirts no matter the time of year. I think it looks more professional. Everytime I order pants I never get them though. I didn't order them at first.
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    careful why?
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    Get one on your forehead that reads: " I am a dork".
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    LOL, that would make sense!
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    Did they pose? I think the one finger salute would have been appropriate. A la LiLo.
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    I always wondered if you got a UPS shield tattoo and made it visible, would they really have the galls to say that it could be offensive to the public and needs to be covered up? In which case I'd be wearing comfy jeans and a t-shirt to work until all the shields were taken off the browns ;) On the other hands, knowing UPS, they'd likely just sue me :(