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    Just curious, how does your center/management team handle the issue of visible tattoos? Used to be no problem, then rule was if a cust. found it disturbing you had to cover it, then it was no visible ink at all, now we are told to cover it if upper mgt (district level and above) is at our center to cover it.

    Just for kicks when they started freaking out about it.....I had gone to Vegas for a weekend and on Monday when I reported had the Fed-Ex logo tatted on my forearm (it was a Henna tatt) told mgt I got wasted an asked for the UPS logo but the guy misunderstood. Dang did they ever freak out, was hilarious, they were desperate to write me up but couldn't figure out how. It quickly started to fade and I came clean about it being temp, they thought it was funny too.
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    Ear rings? I wear a 'stud' type but they say it is too big and the image is unproffessional (scull and crossbones). Fortunately for me, our morning OMS has two gages in his ears so they kinda let me go.
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    I would really like to know more about both. Ear gageing and tattoos. No one at my center has either. What is the actual policy on these things?
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    Are you in the Alcatraz center?
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    no visible tats are allowed in my center,and males are not allowed to wear ear rings.
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    Alcatraz would be a heaven compared to my center.
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    I guess it all depends on who is running the show at your bldg. I worked the customer counter for 8 yrs and the District Mgr had his office in our bldg, and he would come up from time to time and never once said anything to me about my Tat on my forearm. Then a few yrs later he was moved during cutbacks and the Division Mgr had nothing better to do but insist they be covered. Drivers were tested but I was for the most part under the radar at the time as the counter was a seperate bldg away from the hub. When I knew someone was coming up I put a Maxi-Pad over my Tat...They never bothered me again:peaceful:
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    Gender discrimination!
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    This discussion is interesting. And as such, it has bearing on the rest of society.

    Why is it that we want to know what limits to push? I dont mean outer space, brain surgery etc. Im talking about things like what is going on in the moral or good taste sector. Like why certain shows feel like they need to push the envelope on child porn by filming an underage actor running naked down the street with the after effects of Viagra.

    Why is it that we have to have laws or rules that restrict, because people dont take it upon themselves to voluntarily stay within normal restrictions.

    Wearing a tattoo is not something needed for your job. It is a personal choice you make. Just like your hair style. We had a driver that had mid back length hair, and kept it up all day under a hat. Personal choice, he stayed within the rules.

    The rules are no visible tats. That simple. The allowing of certain tats in the past is not an indication of them allowing them in the future. IF you get one that is visible, you have to cover it. It is part of the appearance standard that UPS sets for its employees.

    Just because a center manager does not come crashing down on you does not make it right.

    As for the
    , I take great comfort in knowing that we have clowns like you that can show the customer what type if people we hire. Im sure it add to the trust factor.

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    my building, no tattos. if you have one it must be covered period. we have
    guys that wear long sheeve shirts in the dead of summer. If supervisor
    see you with a short sleeve shirt and tattoos--- that would be trouble. our unions
    know all about. there was a major lawsiut about a driver and a customer somewhere
    in the country, Idon'tremember detailsit was a while ago.
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    I tend to agree with this sentiment; I had a fairly crazy period when I was younger, and have several tattoos as a result of it, but somehow I had the wherewithal to have them put in places that are not visible in 'standard' dress at most jobs - sans a lifeguard, perhaps.

    I can understand the mindset of having individuality and expressing yourself, but if a person wants to really choose that lifestyle, they forfeit the right to get aggravated that the rest of society chooses to conform to "normalcy."
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    Fair enough...I can certainly understand your take. The rules were that it couldn't be offensive when I hired on, then after I got inked they made it "Not visible". I heard the same rumor about some legal matter that made for the rule change but isnt that always how things get changed around here...."I heard somewhere (insert opposite side of country/region where you work) that this driver sued/got sued by UPS/Cust. blah blah blah".

    BTW my ponytail is tucked up under my hat as well.
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    does it come in brown ?
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    For better or worse, everything is offensive to somebody. So they decided to nip it in the bud and have the driver cover all the tats.
    How can the person claim individuality when "everyone" is getting them

    I have noticed several things that have to do with body art and piercings.

    1, very few people ever go get them by themselves, it is usually something done in a crowd of "well wishers" or those that keep daring you on.
    2. No matter how nice the artwork, you cant cover ugly. As a matter of fact, adding art or especially body piercings only add to the intensity of ugly. Just like stupid, you cant fix ugly.
    3. The number one selective surgery in the USA is tattoo removal. Learn from the stupidity of others instead of your own stupidity. Its far cheaper.

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    Wow Danny, have we struck a nerve? The individuality comes from WHAT you have tattooed not just having one. As far as offensive, I would really like to meet the person who finds my wife's and childrens names offensive (that is my visible tat). When I got my ear pierced and my tattoos I was alone (except for the person doing it). And with plastic surgery you can fix ugly.
  17. soberups

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    The "no visible tat" rule is fine if the rule explained to the employee prior to being hired.

    The problem starts when the company changes the rules after the fact and tells a 22 yr driver who was hired with a visible tat on his forearm that he must now wear a long-sleeved shirt to cover it up just because some dimwit from Corporate had himself a bright idea and wrote a memo.

    And it can be hard to take the company's appearance standards seriously when we are issued cheap, poorly fitting, discolored uniforms and cannot get them replaced in a timely manner when they rip or wear out. I would like to see UPS put its money where its mouth is when it comes to appearance standards, rather than just harass some guy about his tattoo or the holes in his ears while conveniently overlooking the holes in his uniform.
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    In my world of little "gray", this issue seems pretty simple.
    Anybody has the right to tattoo themselves up one side and down the other with whatever design, saying, rhetoric, or artwork they desire.
    Anybody has the right to poke holes into any protrusion or orifice they chooce and hang metalic ornaments from said holes until they resemble a Christmas tree if they so desire.
    Conversely UPS, or any other company, has the right to try and project a specific image through their representatives (the drivers in this case), provided these guidelines are well documented and non-discriminatory due to race, religion, or gender.
    I next to never side with the company, but these guidelines are reasonable, long established, and a secret to no one.
  19. dannyboy

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    I know my brother finds his son-in-law's tat offensive. The tat is his daughters name right across his back. And the son-in-law likes to go shirtless.

    The offensive part you ask? HE got the tatoo to show his love for his wife after she caught him cheating on her...... again.........

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