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    WOW, you would take advice from a cocaine snorting , prostitute frequenting, cheating husband on politics? What I found interesting from your OWN link is the ridicule MORRIS faced from the people who read his story and took the time to bash MORRIS for his positions. The majority of them called him an idiot. The best one was the poster who asked MORRIS "NOT" to campaign for the GOP.

    How low will you go for information? Pretty soon, Ima need to send you a flashlight so you can gather your facts...

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    And just who was Morris' meal ticket to his claim to fame?


    And the accusations you made against Morris took place in the year 199When?

    I don't care for Morris at all, he's a slimmy puke IMO but your weak, desperate response was just great humor IMO. Thanks for the laugh.

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    Yeah, and Anthony Weiner's account was really hacked and he was innocent and someone framed him.
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    And Laura Bush went on a Likor bendor and guzzeled a 5th of Johnny Walker Blue label and a crashed her car killing some lady. Oh my God!!!! BHAHAHAHAWWAHHAHAHWWAWAHAHAHAHHAHA
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    The IRS sent my Tax Return back. Again! I guess it was because of my response to the question: "List all dependents?"

    I replied:

    • 12 million illegal immigrants;
    • 3 million crack heads;
    • 42 million unemployable people on food stamps;
    • 2 million people in over 243 prisons; and
    • 535 in the U.S. House and Senate.
    Apparently, this was NOT an acceptable answer.
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    You forgot to list the 127 thousand soldiers fighting overseas.

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