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    I'm schedule to start Oct 1, just finished driving school. Does driving peak season count toward seniority, is seniority 20 days? If I gain seniority as a TCD driver what does that mean?
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    Seasonal is just that. SEASONAL!!!!
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    If you are already hired, yes.
    I had 30 days training, to gain senority, which means you will placed in order of your hire date with all the other TCD drivers.
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    Is the hired date, the date that you were hired as a driver or your hire date when you first started UPS. For example I've been working for 3 years in the hub, if I gain seniority., a year later a guy with 6 years working the hub gains seniority in driving. Who will get called 1st to drive TCD when they need you, if I have more driving days?
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    You will both be at work and the one with most seniority will work while the junior employee will go home. Depending on area knowledge the driver with less seniority may drive while the driver with most seniority (employment at UPS) goes home to study the route.

    When it comes time to shrink the number of available TCDd due to available routes the driver who has attaines seniority as a driver with the longest time with the company will stay.