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    Hello Everyone,

    Have a question that I hope someone could answer. There were a couple of part-timers last year that went to driving school for temp. cover driver. They passed the school but never drove a day. They only had 10 months seniority, so I'm guessing that's the reason. My question is, if I have 3 years more seniority than them but have not went to school, do they get to drive before me? I didn't put my name on the list last year because I had another job, but I'm able to drive this year.

    I was told today, that if they went to school (although they never drove one day) they get priorty over me. Is this just a case of when seniority doesn't do you any good? I maybe could understand if they passed their probationary period and had driven a bit, but they didn't.

    Thanks in advance for any help on getting the correct answer.
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    I know here, we have a few different seniority lists. One is for casuals, or TCD's. The person who goes to school first has to get his/her 30 days driving in in a 90 day period to have seniority. Unfortunately, that can lead to problems. Two drivers go to school. One is a kissass whose been there 3 weeks. One is a 5 year veteran who files grievances when his rights are walked all over. Who do you think management is going to make sure gets the 30 days first?