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  1. texasbrown

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    I have been driving for the last few weeks and my checks have been wrong every week. I got my check for today and I don't think I got paid for Christmas Day. I've been employed since June so Im still in my first year. It says I'm my contract that if a TCD works all week that a holiday falls in he will be paid the holiday. Does that no apply if I have not been employed a year?
  2. UPSGUY72

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    read your contract
  3. Gumby

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    my check was wrong today!! The overtime was correct ..but my regular hours were wrong!!!..................................................Its contract year..Lets just piss off all the employees!!!...Can you say WILDCAT?????
  4. texasbrown

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    I did. From the contract...."part time coverage employees who work the full week , as coverage, in which a holiday falls will receive eight (8) hours holiday pay at the part time coverage pay rate.

    Is this for employees who have completed one year or not?
  5. stoni24

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    U drove wednesday the 26th? I didn't so I didn't get tcd pay. Yet I did get tcd pay for turkey day and the friday after but only because I drove mon, tues, and wed before.
  6. texasbrown

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    Yes I drove 24,26,27,28
  7. stoni24

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    I would get 8 hrs tcd pay under those circumstances but the current contract also states no holiday pay with under one year of service. Talk to ur on road but that's probably why......