Tcd to full time question.

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  1. DoctorMario

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    How long do you have to be a TCD driver to keep your payrate when going full-time? I know tcd driver payrate is 85% of top pay of full-time drivers and i would love to keep my payrate. Its About $10 extra an hour. Thanks in advance.
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  3. hondo

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    Which regional supplement are you under?
  4. DoctorMario

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    Im in Texas so it should be Southern Region i suppose
  5. QualityLoads

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    I thought it was after you pass your 30 days. I could be wrong though. Im TCD in south as well so im hoping im already locked in when i go fulltime.
  6. upschuck

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    You'd be red circle at whatever rate you are at, if it is more than starting driver rate, until the driver rate surpasses your current rate.
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    that's what i thought too but i just wanted to be sure. Hopefully i can get more to chime in on this issue
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    upschuck is right.
  9. Wally

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    Deep in the Heart of Texas?
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    Lol. Im at the Mesquite TX hub. Mesquite is literally next door to Dallas, TX
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    I went from tcd to fulltime. After your 30 day qualifying and you obtain seniority you will be locked in.
  12. rkctkc

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    Big hub. They have 4 centers in there. I know people who drive out of richardson center and Plano center

    And yes, after 30 days as a tcd you will not go down in rate when going full time
  13. Cowboy Mac

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    You guys suck at loading trailers. Every single trailer from Mesquite that we get is built to only 3/4 of the max height and 1 of every 10 packages requires tape because they are all thrown in. Irregs and hazmats above shoulder height. Anarchy...
  14. DoctorMario

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    i agree. I pick off and everytime i get an open package i give it to the clerks. We have horrible trainers so that's the main cause of trailers loaded incorrectly.
  15. Cowboy Mac

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    Sounds about right. I heard management isn't very great over there right now. Anyways, best of luck to you!
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    Started working at Mesquite TX hub. Yes there is a lot of trailers that go 3/4 empty. Though there's a lot of guys who try hard. I just had my picture taken cause my walls were stacked to the top. Hoping to become a driver. Any advises on that?
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    Sign all bid sheets.
    Learn to drive a stick.
    That is all.
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    Can you ride a horse?
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    I can already tell that you are not a smart TCD driver.
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    Good driving record too, right?