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    OK, I'll admit...I have no clue what TDU is.

    ​Please fill me in.
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    Teamsters for a Democratic Union. Its a reform movement in the union. Ron Carey won the Presidency as their candidate and struck UPS in 1997. They do have a website that does post the National and Supplemental contracts, something the IBT should do.
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    Go to the IBT website, then go to the UPS negotiation page on the cover roll #4 and you'll find the contracts you claim the IBT doesn't post. TDU is not a reform movement "in the union". TDU is not run by Teamsters, but rather by people who claim interest in the Teamsters.
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    Simple analog to help you out:

    Teamsters = Republicans of the Union world
    TDU = Democrats of the Union world
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    I beg to differ.
    TDU members are as much "in the union" as non-TDU members. The union is its members.
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    Whatever. It's 7:13 TDU still sucks
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    Oh expect this kind of rhetoric for a while from me because of their latest little stunt they :censored2: on OUR great union and tried to undermine my boy hall hard work. Shame on TDU
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    I haven't been on the IBT site in a while, because they used to not post the NMA or Supplements. I don't know how long they have had the contracts posted. As for the rest, I joined the IBT in the mid 70's, there was "Old Guard" and TDU was passing out their newsletter "Convoy Dispatch" to try to reform the IBT. Our Local eventually voted out the officials that were drawing four salaries and pensions (Weldon Mathis), they also got rid of the Lincoln Town cars the BAs were driving.
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    Please do not get me started with TDU. Ken P is praying on the fears of the weak with his pyramid scheme. Any organization that divides us is the antithesis of Teamster! He is so against multiple salaries yet he collects multiple salaries himself and hides his LM2's. He's so for the "democratic" process of electing officials, when was the last time he held a TDU executive election...NEVER. He and his executives are not even Teamsters. He hasn't paid dues since 1974. The TRF and AUD (tdu sub companies) receive grants from The Right To Work (for less) Committee. I could go on for days about the research I've done on that antiunion social communistic organization of Termites Destroying Unions. Ask yourself one question......What is Paff's vested interest in pursuing the multilevel marketing scheme like TDU. He can't be IBT president cuz he isn't a Teamster, so it's not Power. So it must be money! You see, Paff started the TDU with some college buddies. Problem was that his buddies moved on to be doctors, lawyers and business men. Felling inferior, Paff took another direction in money. He would charge $40 a year for joining his cult. His plan was, "We only need 10% of Teamsters". Well 10% of Teamsters at $40 is 5.6 million dollars. His socialistic view is thwarted because because his organization is run on a capitalistic system. He makes the most and everyone on his staff makes a hell of a lot less. So, the initial work of TDU in the 70's thwarting corruption was sound and helpful. But that being said, TDU turned into a multi level pyramid scheme, divide us as members, promoting socialism blanketing on communism and run a 100% negative campaign against our union. It's March 27th 9:05am and TDU still sucks!
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    What stunt? Posting the phone number for the conference call? Then you obviously think browncafe sucks. Becuase there are tons of posts about what was said on that conference call here on browncafe. Can't management come on here an read everything that hall said? Wasn't it suppose to be a secret?
    Thank god for TDU and browncafe, otherwise I would just be another teamster mushroom.
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    Real, there were many stewards that could not get on the last second to last call due to the posting of the phone number. It was a "stewards" call. There are a limited number of lines available for these calls. As far as the information, our negotiations are not a place for speculation. People keep complaining that they want to know where we are in the negotiations. But understand their are 2 phases of negotiations, general conception and legality of wording. The first is done by our union and the company, the latter is done by labor lawyers (on both sides). One word can change the dynamics of an article. You say thank god for TDU and BC? You do realize your getting 100% speculation from those sources. It's only until we have a tentative agreement in place where you can have truth in negotiations. People complain about our dues, salaries of union executives and such, UPS has deeeeeeep pockets, imagine what our contract would be if we paid chump change for some hack lawyer?
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    TDU is a subversive activist group compiled of "misfits", "outcasts" and "burnouts" who are still members of the Teamsters. While they "do" provide information on their websites that can at times, provide a good source of information for all members, they can in the alternative provide FALSE information that harms members.

    For instance, in this years negotiations, they are claiming that "a deal to be made soon", even though they are NOT a part of the negotiations, nor are they present in the committees.

    This "HARMS" the membership, because the members who read this will not PREPARE, PROTECT or PLAN their lives to include a strike against UPS.

    In 1997, Ron Carey and TDU didnt communicate to the membership ahead of time that a strike was imminent and we were all caught by surprise and none of us had time to prepare.

    Ron Carey had sucked out all the strike fund with his OVERNIGHT fiasco, and we were left with 50 bucks a week for three weeks to survive on.

    This time, TDU is at it again, putting up FALSE HOPES and confusing the membership. Members need to prepare, plan and protect their personal finances TODAY.

    Regardless of what happens in the negotiations, EVERYONE needs to plan as if a strike is imminent.

    All the happy talk in the world wont pay your mortgage, rent, bills, daycare and such, and TDU isnt about to hand out money to members should we end up on strike.

    For me, I hope that if we do go on strike, we can reflect on the disconnect that TDU displayed and that group finally put out of business.

    Let us not forget that TDU attempted to give us SANDY POPE as leader and the membership overwhelmingly rejected that.


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    My steward was at his kids game on Saturday. So thank god for TDU and browncafe, otherwise how could I know whats going on. I don't pay $83 a month to be kept in the dark. hall could update us, but he keeps everything a secret. That's just wrong IMHO.
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    Very impressive!!!!
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    TDU means Teamsters for a Democratic Union. They keep a watch on the Teamsters and report things good or bad that is going on so we are a bit more informed. I know my BA doesn't particularly like them because they give it to us straight. They have contract updates when we are getting absolutely NOTHING from our Locals and our BA's. I can go on the National or the Local websites and find NOTHING in the way of updates. What is going on?????????????? Don't you think the fact that it is OUR CONTRACT and we are the ones voting on it that we should have an update about what the hell they are discussing????????? Let me know if you guys are hearing anything because I'm not getting much on this end. Although I am going to post an update that I've just gotten from the TDU. Check out my entry today. Hope that helps with your question.
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    Keep voting in Hoffa and his pals :censored2:. Your contract sucked last time and they are at it again. Hoffa is in UPS's pocket and he admitted upon reelection that he is not going to serve his full term in office. PERFECT!!!! Get whatever bull :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: deal you can for the members and as much money under the table as you can to pad your retirement and then disappear. Good plan dude!
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    TOS or TDU?

    Three letter acronym?

    Posting FALSE information?

    I'm confused!
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    I would not trust hall if he had indeed planned on giving out "confidential info" on a conference call with DOZENS of stewards. Please. TDU compromised NOTHING, there was never going to be privileged info on that call as management would get wind of it, number posted or not! TDU is all about preventing the union from giving the rank and file an information brown-out. It is about transparency and holding the union whom we pay for accountable to us.
  20. Monkey Butt

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    As I listened to the conference call and Ken's rants, that was my thoughts.
    He's a politician playing the membership like a fiddle.