Team Care Mysteries: what do they pay?

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  1. Tiredups

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    Has anyone filled pain medication for more than. 2 months under teamcare? I am the spouse of the upser and have a painful chronic disease. I've been on my medications for over 10 years. But under the good benefits. He just switched to part time. Cvs care mark said no problem. You can't legally get refills. Teamcare said the law wasn't their problem. I get my meds in 2 weeks. 50% would be $600.

    Also, anyone denied for maintenance care for medical procedures?
  2. upschuck

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    What does "You can't legally get refills" mean? You have a prescription, you can get the meds.

    50%, from my understanding, is if you don't use CVS/Caremark after the first couple refills. CVS/Caremark does not cover a few meds, but they offer a substitute for the one they do not offer coverage on.
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    For and controlled medications like some antidepressants and pain meds, a doctor cannot give a prescription with a refill on it. So, even if you take the same medication for 10 years like me, you cant have a refill or 90 day supply. You must get a new script ea month. I never get the same answer twice about anything from teamcare. They told me the meds they don't cover are in the welcome booklet. Nope. Have to call back AGAIN.
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    Every new prescription I ever had to fill at CVS, it cost $5 max.
  5. Shifting Contents

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    Y wife's asthmatic

    All her maint prescriptions are free through mail order cvs/Caremark.

    3 200 dollar advair inhalers


    In the mailbox

    Every three months
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    She can only get no refill prescriptions due to the meds they take.