Team-Care **states UPS hasn't paid toward premium/not listed as active employee**

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    We received our package for team care went to the website registered as a new user then went to log in and being told I cannot log in because I haven't been with the plan for two years. I emailed them to ask why couldn't sign back on and start looking for a doctor to see if our regular doctors that we've been using are going to be available. TeamCare emailed me back saying that UPS has not paid any premium towards our insurance and that they haven't reported me as an active employee I've been a full-time UPS driver for 20 years now. Has anyone else tried to register and is having a similar problem? I cannot find a phone number to get in contact with UPS the team care give me a number via email but it's a free cruise 800-number and the only other numbers I can find are for our current insurance and for employment opportunities??!!
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    Well I finally found the number apparently team care gave me 800 for the first three but it was really supposed to be 855 but then I want that half in the call the 1-800-877-1508 number and was told that the transition date is February 1 so there's going to be no information about doctors available until February 1 so when Aetna insurance and on January 31 then on February 1 you can figure out what's going on and what doctors you can have until then UPS is not going to prepay any premium and team care is not giving up any information currently until they get paid in transition!!! Have fun with that!!! I can't even believe this!