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    Hey has anyone used TeamCare with infertility treatment yet. Aetna paid for infertility as long as it wasnt an IUI or IVF treatment. For instance they wouldnt pay for the IUI or IVF but they would pay for all the drugs and ultrasounds and dr visits to make it happen just not the actual operation of it. In Aetnas book they said as long as youre trying to find the underlying cause of infertility and so on.

    In teamcare book it says that they dont cover anything infertility but my wifes drugs are covered only 5 dollar copay. Were still waiting to hear back from teamcare and her doctors. Just wondering anyones experiences so far?

    Were major bummed because were finally in network with blue cross blue shield with the dr we go to and everything is not working out. With aetna we always had to pay out of pocket but we would get reimbursed always. Now it looks like its all out of pocket.
  2. My sperm can swim like salmon up a stream. My wife doesn't even want to look in my direction without her birth control.
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    Are you offering them a way to save some money?

    Resident know-it-all.
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    Thanks for sharing...
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    1BROWNWRENCH Amateur Malthusian

    Adopt one first, then wait a few months.
  6. Yea if you stay away from the opposite sex you can't have any babies. I just went to pick up my wife's birth control and it should have been 5 bucks and they wanted 58$. I said keep it until we get that sorted out. Until then I'll stay away from mrs. Jangles.
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    They pay for some.....My wife and I went through the same thing, and just welcomed our daughter very recently. My teamster provided insurance paid for the sperm wash and things like that for the IUI, everything else we used my wife's insurance, so I don't thin teamcare will do too much, I'd ask them to be sure
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    Treatment? I'll give you some of my boys. Come get'em.
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    Are you offering anything. Or just spewing verbal diarrhea everywhere?.....again.

    Just to be clear, I don't work for FedEx. Crazy I know.
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    You do have a few other options!...just saying!
  11. Yea I'm aware of them.
  12. Gumby

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    The $ 64 thousand dollar question Is, is she aware?
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  14. She'd always want more but I'm content with what I have.
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    Thanks :) it was a long road but we're thrilled now
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    I was lucky. Got 3 kids out of 2 liaisons.
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    Was you even there?:blushing2:
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    Yay...a lil gay disco Inde baby...his first words will be "Short shorts and prada" :yesssmileyf:
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    I figure better to put them to good use since most of them end up swimming down the drain.