TeamCare Same Sex Coverage?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by catdogguy, Sep 8, 2013.

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    With all the information available on the TeamCare website, and after asking questions directly to TeamCare, it seems they do not want to say yes or no on whether a spouse in a same sex marriage will be approved. It seems based upon the language in the terms, a same sex spouse married to a teamster would be eligible for coverage pending they meet the same requirements that a opposite sex marriage does but it isn't in stone. The UPS National Plan covers domestic partners without issue and with this being a very valuable component of my benefits package I'm worried it will go away and leave me out to dry. Has anyone here seen any information on this? I've looked high and low and it seems to be hidden pretty well.
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    I vaguely remember language related to same-sex partners being in some of the IBT's opening proposals during negotiations. I would guess coverage would only be extended to partners in states that recognize civil unions/gay marriages/domestic partnerships.
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    From the flyer contained in the May 24, 2013 UPSdate:

    Domestic Partner Benefits If you currently have domestic partner benefits under the UPS plan, you and your partner will be covered by TeamCare on 1/1/2014.
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    The website says
    Currently the Plan does not extend coverage to domestic partners. Under the rules of the Plan they do not meet the definition of a spouse

    Way to many discrepancies in this whole thing...
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    Domestic partners are covered in teamcare.
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    407, just pulled that from the website... Guess they Have Not updated the FAQ section yet.... ehhh
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    I think you have to be married in states that acknowledge it as being married to receive the benifits.
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    Does your husband get benefits??...............just kidding
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    It seems a domestic relationship doesn't's not a slam against gays, this would go for straight couples who've lived together for years as well. I can't blame insurance companies for this as it would open the door for a lot of fraud. It's worth the marriage commitment to have your loved one covered.
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    MAN , you need to " get a wife " lol , get a life , get a wife . get it
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    I have been trying to get an answer...I sure hope you are right on this one...thanks
  12. Ash72

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    I am also very concerned, if you find out anything please post.....thanks
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    I would imagine it is going to depend on the state you live. States that allow same sex marriage, plans have been changing to eliminate same sex partner benefits if the couple is not married. If you are married, no problem.

    I suspect that trend will continue.
  14. RealPerson

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    The Website says (or did say) NO.
    Then someone said the website info was not the UPS page.
    I had someone contact me on FB saying they worked for TeamCare and the answer was YES.

    So, I guess we have to pass it to find out what is in it!!!!!
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    Another reason to endorse teamcare.
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    Our local covers DP. They get the same full coverage that any married couple gets.

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    Until contract is completely ratified Teamcare will not be in effect. Any wording regarding same sex partnerships or marriages will also not be in effect until the contract wraps up. Yes it may depend on the state you live in and your local riders and conference. Many of the questions asked and answered on this site can be confusing since it depends a great deal on the conference you work in and your local rider. Read carefully above links but understand that depending were you live and weather your local has passed its supplements things may change. An additional concern I have on a personal level is during the contract explanations meeting it was made clear that if the contract passed any healthcare changes would not go into effect until 2014. This was to avoid confusion with each members yearly deductibles. Yet here we are 2014 and the contract is still not in effect. Using this same logic would we have to wait til 2015 for Teamcare to kick in.We were also told that we could not keep our current insurance since no similar plan existed in the marketplace. Yet here we are and our insurance is still in effect. I suspect that it may be a very long time before we can all be comfortable again with our insurance and it's workings...I certainly hope not!
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    It's really not that confusing. Teamcare is currently in effect for some members. Effective Jan 1 2014 they now have the benefit.

    Members currently in the UPS plan have same sex coverage and now it is clear they will not lose it when the move to Teamcare takes place.
  19. Bagels

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    I guess that qualifies as full coverage, right?
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    It depends on what state you live in. Certain states/cities have laws/ordinances that require the company to offer the same benefits to registered domestic partners as spouses.