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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by opie, Sep 4, 2013.

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    I haven't had time to do a line-by-line comparison, but this appears to be nearly the exact same level of benefits we had under the company plan; co-pays remain at $10, there's actually an increase on the frames allowance from $60/year on vision, and no deductibles on dental.

    The only negative changes appear to be the $100/$200 single/family deductible the final year of the contract instead of a phased in deductible (this will catch a lot of people by surprise, mark my words) and the 80% cap on "out of network" labs and scans; a former steward just pointed this out to me via e-mail. This is really going to sting for folks that need this type of work done that don't have US Imaging or Quest Labs in their market -- MRI's and the such aren't cheap.

    The "changes" to retiree health insurance ($200/$400 single/family premiums per month) were the exact same prices under CS H&W before contract negotiations began.

    Plan Document:

    It's no coindcidence that IBT also rolled out UPS Contract Facts recently, too.
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    Nice to see current c6 members will get improvements.

    New members ER benefit not as good but overall a solid plan.
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    Or given that the TA said it would have a similar plan installed by November, maybe the IBT hashed it out a bit earlier?
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    PiedmontSteward......I really hope to see you in some Union related capacity/office (compensated position) in the next 5 years. Your talents of presenting the facts without spin go along way in gaining my trust and confidence. Thank you Opie and Piedmont for keeping us updated on this healthcare issue.
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    I don't think so because we were already given some details of the TeamCare plan that they intended to give us. They have improved the plan to get people to vote yes. This new proposed plan is almost similar to what I have now. A few things they have improved...They've elminated the deductibles until the last year of the contract. Prescription benefits have also improved compared to the previously proposed TeamCare plan. They wanted us to orginally pay 10% of the cost, up to $50. Now it's $5 per prescription. Dental benefits were going to be capped at $1,500 a year, now there is no limit.
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    Dental benefits were capped under the C6 plan. The Enhanced C6 plan and the CBA both had a caveat wherein UPS would continue the same level of dental coverage by paying the difference for those transitioning from the company plan to TeamCare. I always had a hunch the trustees could/would increase the level of benefits simply on the merits of 140,000+ UPS workers being enrolled into TeamCare. Maybe the "Vote No" movement gave them the nudge they needed or maybe it would have happened regardless.
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    Few things that I would like to see addressed. How much is UPS paying into the Teamcare? Are they paying more now, or is the amount they are going to pay the same as it was when they presented us with the TA?

    keep in mind folks, the trustees can change the benefits and even take some of the Pension contributions to pay for the HC. If the dollar amount being paid into the plan has not changed since the TA was presented, then i would imagine at some point we will see changes.

    On that note, I am ready for this all to be done. It really isn't going to matter down the road once we are all on a single payer plan.
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    Just to be clear. When UPS and the IBT negotiated the TA they had to spell out how much UPS is going to pay into Teamcare. So are the new changes being funded by more money from UPS? Or are the changes being made by the IBT with no additional money being negotiated? Is it a fixed amount? Does the amount go up?
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    analogous reference to his German heritage ... yes.

    The intent was to say once there is a one single payer system (the government) ==> I am a klein
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    Can someone please explain the TeamCare Retiree Prescription benefits? Is the $200 maximum per prescription based on a month...a year? For example what happens if you have a $200 per month prescription for blood pressure medication? Does the retiree pay the $2200 cost for the remaining 11 months?
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    You will have to pay 20% every time you fill the prescription up to $200. If you take a medication X that costs $800.00 a month, you would pay $160 a month.

    If you take medication X that costs $800.00 a month and medication Y that costs $500.00 a month you will have to Pay $160.00 for X and $100.00 for Y for a total of $260.00 per month.
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    I was freaking out about the imaging benefit since US imaging isn't around here, however, US Imaging has a huge network they provide for. For instance where I'm at Inland Imaging is an allied company for US imaging. And the CVS Caremark isn't so bad either since they have Albertsons, Krogers, Fred Meyers, and Walgreen's in their umbrella. Kinda don't like the deductible in the last year of the contract though...hopefully, Obamacare works as advertised with lowering costs and we can negotiate no deductible in the next contract...well...enough money to make it no deductible anyways.
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    I would not count on that. There is a reason why the deductible kicks in the last year. People are short sighted and will only look at the coming year or two. This was added so they get the foot in the door with the deductible. Its like a leak in a damn, once it starts, it only gets bigger.

    Also, no part of ObamaCare helps reduce costs for those who are working and have insurance. It is designed to help those without HC to get something means of charging the have's for the have nots'. And to be honest, I believe it is designed to fail to get single payer.
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    Solid plan. It's a yes now IMO.

    someones gonna come in here and whine about how they're voting no unless it's IDENTICAL to the current plan though.
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    It doesn't say what type of medical plan this is - PPO or HMO or POS or...?? Will we require referals to see a specialist? Is this level of coverage ("AT NOT A SINGLE DIME") going to remain in effect for all 5 years? The 5th year having out of pockets is a CLEAR indication of what is to come next contract - IMO not a good sign.

    Why doesn't it indicate for Dental, Vision, etc the plan coverages over 5 years as Medical does? Subject to change year by year?

    Interesting how this information SUDDENLY becomes available prior to another vote - for those of you voting. Did the poor IBT have carpal tunnel syndrome that magically healed and now able to communicate? You bet your ass I'm a...

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    I agree. But we still do not know if the "newest enhancements" will be funded by more money from UPS or is the IBT offering more even though the UPS contributions have not gone up. Important question. If UPS has not ponied up more $'s then the question is how are they going to pay for it?