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  1. burco8080

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    does anyone know if the teamcare will be are insurance jan 1 or not, or do we stay on the plan we have until all supplements pass?????
  2. Nimnim

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    I've wondered this too, but I just work under the assumption that I'm moving to teamcare in January. I can't get hold of anyone in my local who can say so since the change is coming it's better to prepare sooner than later.
  3. brett636

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    That is a good question. I doubt all the supplements and riders will be passed by January 1, and as far as I understand it we are operating under the old contract, supplements, and riders until they all do get passed. Logically that would mean our old insurance continues after January 1, but I wouldn't be surprised if our union leadership will allow this one thing to go into effect prior to the contract being put into full effect.
  4. RealPerson

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    hall himself said we will not be in teamcare till everything passes.

    While I do not understand why completely, because it did pass in the Master, and UPS is getting out of the insurance business.
    How do they know what to pick and choose what things start and do not.. IE the raise ---

    I say just like this Obama care thing, get it going so people can see if it is good or bad...
  5. PT Stewie

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    I was told Teamcare Jan 1st with or without the suppliments all passing by my BA....... will check it out.
  6. robdeadstock

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    I hope u done believe your BA... ESP if you are in 623
  7. oldupsman

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    I was told the exact opposite. I'll ask again also. Bet we both get the same answer again too.
  8. RealPerson

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    Watch the DVD the Union sent out! hall says himself it Will not take over Jan 1st if all supplements are not passed.

    I do not understand why not, except maybe for the Union to sweeten it a little more maybe since it is in Union Control.

    Anyway... This doesn't mean they wont say both sides agree to put this part of the Master in place, like the Raise???
  9. saintrick

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    I asked that question on upscontractfacts and got this response.

    "thanks for your question. As of right now, we are expecting a January 1 start date for TeamCare."
  10. saintrick

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    UPS plan will continue into 2014.

    Got the letter today.
  11. PiedmontSteward

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    No language in the NMA can be used (including TeamCare) until all the supplements are ratified. It's an all-or-nothing type deal and the contract cannot/will not be implemented piecemeal. We'll be in the company plan until the supplements pass.
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  12. PT Stewie

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    Thank goodness the letter came out I was getting beat up everynight about this. Even now the lunch room lawyers are spinning and interpeting it differantly from what the letter says.
  13. PiedmontSteward

    PiedmontSteward RTW-4-Less

    There's a lot of misinformation being perpetuated by Blue Cross Blue Shield when people are calling them for general insurance issues. They were likely told about the transition when the TA was released but none of their staffers have a :censored2:ing clue how a labor contract works.

    There have also been reports that local officers have been telling their members we'll be in TeamCare January 1st in the heavy "Vote NO" areas. On the flip side, TDU went ahead and claimed "victory" for Teamsters still being covered by the company plan January 2014. Both instances feature Teamsters being awful disingenuous.
  14. Nimnim

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    I hate that the answer to my question of what happens with the insurance Jan 1st if the supplements aren't passed by then was answered by the company after so much time spent trying to get an answer from my local. No one knew for sure when I could get hold of someone. Seems the International dropped the ball communicating this one greatly.
  15. browned out

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    We are still in the company plan until all supplements pass. Does anyone know what we should take advantage of while we are still covered by the traditional plan that is superior to the new team care plan?
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I would think that if you were postponing an elective surgery you may want to reschedule for January or February.