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    I've wanted to become vocal with the new hires for a long time about the union scam of taking initiations fees before they're actually hired. Please understand I'm by no means against the union. It's just that this has long bothered me. Do any of you know the details of not immediately joining the union? I would like to inform these poor kids making $120 paychecks that there is an alternative until you make an extra dollar an hour with some better chances at more hours.

    Also, a friend of mine recently began seasonal driver helper. He tells me the company informed him that he will also be paying 2.5 hours a check a month to the union. Why is he being charged this? Is there any real reason he should be involved in the union if he's not assured hours and will ultimately be left unemployed after peak? I know there's technically the chance that he could be brought on part-time in the warehouse, but we're already laying people off as it is. Seniority's back to mid summer 2010 out of 200 people on roll have been laid off three days in the past month(edit; on my sort alone). Post peak last year many people did not even get a 3 day work work for most of a month or more. We definitely did not hire any temp workers afterwards. He's expressed interest in staying with the company but they've pretty much expressed it's not a possibility.
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    Almost half the States are Right-To-Work States, and so there is no requirement to join the Union or pay an Initiation Fee and periodic Dues.

    In the other States you are required to either formally join the Union and pay the Initiation Fee and Dues, or you can not formally join the Union, but you must instead pay an "Agency Fee" in lieu of Dues.

    Contract Article 3, Section 2 requires the payment of Dues and Initiation Fee, (or Agency Fee for those so obligated) on the 31st day of employment doing work in the Bargaining Unit.

    Believe it or not, the Union believes they are doing you a favor by spreading out the payment of the Initiation Fee over several paychecks, instead of demanding payment-in-full on the 31st day.

    The IBT Constitution establishes average minimum dues of two-and-a-half times your hourly payrate. Locals can charge more, and many do.
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    Helpers here do not pay the initiation fee nor do they pay dues.
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    Is that because they don't work beyond 31 days?

    Or because if they do, it's only a few days beyond 31, and the Local believes the paperwork involved makes collecting the money too much of a bother?
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    I assume your Helpers hired from the inside are already paying dues/initiation fees.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Yes on both questions.
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    If your friend is interested he/she can write a letter to the local's executive board requesting either waiver of initiation and/or dues if they are not rehired. This is a function of e-boards pursuant to their by-laws, that may or may not be granted. Usually this is a matter of circumstance. With lower wage members, the hardship is greater, therefore initiation waiving is considered. However if initiation is waived the member will not receive a withdrawal card and could pay re-initiation at a higher rate in a different local, if they hook up with a Teamster covered employer.
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    I was charged a partial initiation and member dues and the Teamster rep was a condescending jerk to me when I asked about a refund. In short, he told me it is because of them that I have the ability to make my rate per hour, and it is required to pay the fees if I want employment at a Union shop -- and that I would *not* be getting any kind of refund. Cash grab on helpers. BS.
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    Your Teamster rep was dead on.
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    As Crowbar said, your rep was only telling you the truth. Maybe a bit harshly but accurately nonetheless. The IBT Constitution restricts offering re-imbursements to limited circumstances that e-boards can consider but limitations are broad. You were charged a "partial" initiation and dues because your situation is recognized by the IBT. Many unions hit up their new hires for full initiation/dues immediately. Depending on when you were hired your local may consider some re-imbursement. Write your e-board. But remember almost all full time employees at UPS start part time. Prove yourself and you may be full time one day and union dues will be insignificant.
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    So if I quit before I've paid the initiation fee in full, there's no chance for a refund?
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    Depends on when you were hired and whether or not your local's e-board considers refund requests. If you have no chance of working thirty days some locals take no dues/initiation. However if you choose to quit rather than have UPS let you go, I'd say your chances are slim.
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    Greedy Bastards! :wink2:
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    I've been working for a little over 3 months. When I was hired, I told them I was only seeking employment until the end of December. I've paid them a considerable amt from the $500 fee and wasn't sure if I was eligible to receive any of that money back...
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    Three months will be a problem. Our local considers refunds for much shorter term employees. We also only charge $100 initiation. You must be in one of those fancy big locals.
    Merry Christmas my friend, hope things work out.
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    What is your local #, Inthegame?
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    I am indeed in one of those fancy big locals in Chelmsford, MA.

    I decided to take a military leave of absence, rather than just quit... Always good to have something to fall back on I guess.

    Thank you, Merry Christmas to you too.
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    You are wrong Helpers pay a flat 25.00 dollars for the month Pls get your facts correct
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    Who are you responding to? Voices in your head?

    Be advised that like almost everything involving the Teamsters, dues and initiation fees may vary from one Local to another.
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    Do you all still have to pay dues when you all work 2 are 3 days out of a month.i work on thge freight side and work on call not working lots of hours had nt worked in two month and when i did work 3 to 4 days into another month they took two months of dues out of that small ass check i am still piss about that they dont care if you need the money what so kidding about it i had pull my union card and soon as they seen i worked a few days they screwed me over big time I am trying to get out the you all have a time frame of getting out cause they say i cant get out at this time Dallas TX.