Teamster leader awarded labor leader of the year

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 705red, Jun 3, 2009.

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    After decades of corruption within local 705 and investigations done against local by the Illinois State Crime Commission it is nice to see this award be giving to Steve Pocztowski.

    This is the first time in local 705's history that this award has been giving to anyone in 705. We have had past leaders indicted, commit murder and have been connected to organized crime.

    Now this local is an example of what a lot of hard work can do. Steve was elected in 6 years ago and took over a local that was bankrupt. Now our finances are are in order, the members have representation, part time and full time and this local has no ties to any outside influence.

    Congratulations Steve for doing what you set out to do 8 years ago. You promised that you would bring respect back to this local. And while many of us within the local have seen the changes, now the whole country is aware of them with this award.
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    watch out brother red elections are comming up. Hoffa and his goons are trying to get some patsy in office. they have been here at addison spreading lies and rumor and propaganda against steve. its simple the more steve puts up a fight against UPS the less Hoffa gets paid by them. imagine if steve won national office. i think then UPS would be a much more friendlier company knowing that someone would have the balls then to call a strike against the company
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    Wow goons, patsys, rumors and propaganda. Sounds like a 30's gangsta movie.

    I did not understand the point about steve fighting UPS costing Hoffa money? 705 is not part of the national correct?

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    i just want to say Amen, to what you said red.

    im not a regular poster on this board. but i have known about your local for quite some time now. i'd say a little over 2 years and i have to say.i have alot of respect for your local and much respect to ALL the members there. tho i dont know Steve Pocztowski personally. i would just like to thank him. along with all of the members that stood behind him because he couldn't of done it alone, and without members like you red. that honor is not only for him but for all of local 705. congratulations Steve Pocztowski.

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    I heard about whats happening in Addison, I was also told that it was a 710 driver passing the fliers out. It appears Pat is endorsing one of the other slates, maybe he is SCARED of Steve! The national election is only 2 years away! And while I would hate to see what we have going here slow because Steve ran for national office, i also understand that the whole country would benefit from having him instead of just 18,000 705 members.

    We don't have to worry about the other slates at palatine, they will be shown the door as soon as they step foot on to our property. And the 710 drivers here are not happy with their representation so they wont be spreading lies because pat asked!
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    Everyone here in local 705 has great representation because Steve just wants what the contract or bylaws call for, that's it nothing more or less. However Hoffa is a company suck hole and has already threatened to trustee this local in an election year over another company that he removed from our local and gave to another local. The drivers did not want to change locals so 705 filed complaints and lawsuits and when we had almost won it, hoffa told us to drop the charges or be trusteed. Now the drivers of this said company are suing the company, the joint council and the IBT because of it.

    Two more years of hoffa and he is done, i only hope he sticks around so we can show him the door!
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    Better come up with someone much stronger then leedham if you do.

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    Who knows maybe i will put my name out there????? I have already been offered a really high spot if I would run against our current leadership locally, which I have declined.
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    well here is proof that hired goons are real :biting:
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    I'm sorry I thought you said you had proof. All I see is a TDU link.
    Unless you're saying that TDU represents the goons spinning the propaganda?...:)

    Seriously though is this something new to the teamsters union? I pretty much thought your entire history had stories like this one?
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    What other source are you going to use for Teamster news? It isn't going to be the IBT website. I don't see what's so wrong with TDU.
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    No to some point I suppose I agree. If I want to go to a site and find out all the negative stuff on your union then TDU would be the one to go to.

    If I want a site that puts thier own little spin on the news then TDU is the one to go to.

    If I want an unbiased site that gives me only the facts whether good or bad about the teamsters then TDU probably ain't the one.

    In that case brown cafe is much better.
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    If you think TDU is the only one who puts their 'spin' on the news then I think we're done arguing. But I suspect you're smarter than that. Brown cafe is not a news source. There may be links posted here, but there aren't any articles actually written (that I know of, still new here). BC is a forum, there is a HUGE difference. What site is going to give you unbiased facts about unions? We all have our slants. If you think UPS is going to give you unbiased facts on UPS you're kidding yourself. On such a heated issue like unions it is often hard to seperate fact from opinion, which is why forums like these grow. If you want to see some people dogging on Hoffa then sure TDU may be your place but it is also the place of some of the best Teamsters in the country who believe in rank and file power. Not to say there aren't loyal Hoffa guys that are amazing Teamsters 'cause there are for sure.
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    You obviously haven't met Wkmac....
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    I find it really curious that the Illinois Crime Commission would feel the need to nominate a "Labor Leader Of The Year" in the first place. Is that the state of organized labor in Illinois? I.e. - that the CRIME COMMISSION specifies who the "labor leaders" are?

    Not sure I'd want to go bragging about something that seems to add weight to what many perceive as the Teamster stereotype.

    (P.S. - Yeah, I did look up the award, and it was the Crime Commission that made it, in case there are those chomping at the bit to bring up the fact that "705" didn't specifically state that to be the case)
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    How said he was the Teamster leader of the year? He was awarded labor leader of the year that includes all of the unions that operate in Illinois. Since Chicago has a great union presence it makes the honor even more special.

    Our office has bullet proof glass in the lobby that was installed back in the day after some of the officers were shot. We had a leader that shot his son (in self defense) and killed him. For years when the ISCC came in to our local it was to give out bracelets. Now we have a leader that has shown that he knows how to do it the right way.

    I went to their website and it only went back to 2002 and Steve is the first Teamster leader since then to win this award. It is not the only award that is giving out by the ISCC, and hopefully I will get an invite to watch Steve accept this award along with others that are the best in their jobs.
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    Today is the day when Steve will receive his award and yes i was invited. This is a proud day not only for Steve and the members of 705, but all Teamsters everywhere! This is proof that when people stand up and fight for what they believe in they can make a change.

    Once again congratulations Steve!
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    If you "talk the talk" then.......

    Well, you know the rest......