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    For those who can help, I just recently started as a package handler (unloader) so went through the process now I'm a local 705 teamster. After a week of working the standard $13.78 wad deducted. It has been a month and for the last 3 weeks I've been charged $20 every check. I received a message saying that I have a $125 transfer fee due from working with ups 2 years ago on the freight side which I resined from in good standings. Is this normal? I know I get letters every now and then but I thought once I quit I was no longer part of the local 710 teamster. Is there a way to get out of that transfer fee?
  2. Did you get a withdrawal card?
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    No never received a withdrawal card.
  4. That's probably why, would be my guess

    Paging @542thruNthru

    Strike that thought.
    Maybe you are paying a transfer fee instead on a new initiation dues.
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    Don't ask me. 705 and 710 are it's own beast. I'd call the local and ask what I owe them money for.
  6. Thanks for not helping.

    I should have asked @BigUnionGuy
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    you owe me union dues
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    Yeah best course of action from here is to talk with my teamster rep. Well new member to brown cafe and going to be exploring for help on becoming a driver looking forward to reading some of these comments and responses. Anyways thanks for the help.
  9. Good luck
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    Due to unforeseen circumstances. You will recieve your dues in due time. Take due care while collecting said dues. Though you don't want to attract more attention than is your due.
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    If you owe a transfer fee, that fee must be paid before union dues comes out. Good news is that means there is no initiation owed.
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    Oh boy, you better just pay them. Don’t ask questions. You know what happens when you don’t pay the mob, don’t you?
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    @Bebo67cach :
    Short answer: call L705 @ 312-738-2800 and ask to speak to someone in the dues department, or contact them through the website(Teamsters Local 705), or go down to the Union office in person (1645 W Jackson Blvd, 7th Floor).
    Long answer:
    • After resigning from UPS Freight, you should have contacted Local 710 for a 'withdrawal card'; they're not sent out automatically. This notifies the union you're no longer working under their jurisdiction, and therefore will no longer owe them monthly dues.
    • At UPS small package/Local 705: all deductions for dues, fees, and assessments are lumped together as one amount, labeled 'UNIONDUE'
    • The normal L705 PT worker initiation fee is $100; however, since you already paid an initiation fee to L710 (& the IBT), you should be able to get it waived by the L705 Executive Board (you may have to write them a letter so they can approve the waiver during the monthly Executive Board meeting).
    • If I'm reading the new contract about your pay rate correctly, your monthly dues plus 'special assessment' (strike fund) is $39.
    • Buried somewhere in L705's Bylaws, everyone's dues get paid up several months (I think it's 3) in advance.
    • Deductions for dues, fees, assessment come out of the first 4 paychecks of the month. At your payrate, there is a maximum of $20/wk. they will deduct. So $39/mo. X 3 mo.=$117 + $100 init. fee=$217 balance you start paying down (and each new month adds $39 to the balance you've paid down).
    • My best guess about the transfer fee: somehow they think you were rehired at UPS Freight and are now under L705's jurisdiction as a City Driver (I assume you were a dock worker?)(Dock & Road Drivers are L710).
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