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    Hello. I'm just wondering what you guys think of Teamsters for a Democratic Union, or if you even have heard of them before. I've bought a couple of resources from them to see what they offer, and those resources are great. I've had several issues, and they've given me a hand. On these "though times" they're of the few resources I've found, I mean when your steward doesn't represent you well. My overall experience is good; but I'm wondering what you guys think of them, your experiences, or simply your thoughts.
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    they seem to be a good source of info,more forthcoming than the ibt sights.
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    i don't no much about them.retirees can join sounds like they would let the memberships run the union.
  4. KingofBrown

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    sounds good.
  5. Baba gounj

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    You can thank the TDU for going to court to have the 1997 contract enforced.
    They won that case and forced the ibt & ups to begin the 22.3 combos.
  6. JonFrum

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    In what courthouse?

    What was the case number?

    What was the name of the lawyer(s) that represented TDU?

    What was the Judge's name?

    Do you have a link to the transcript or final decision?

    Enquiring minds want to know.
  7. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    why all the questions when you already know the answers ?

    basically a contract was signed by ups & the ibt in 1997 that was supposed to make more part time worker into full time workers, when there was a change of union presidents , our current president decided he wanted nothing to do with this idea, the tdu took it upon themselves to fight for our rights, which they won.
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    I asked you in another thread a while ago: What TDU court case?

    I asked you again in this thread.

    Still no answer.
  9. KingofBrown

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    It might have not been a court case, or it might have. But I believe TDU pushed forward on organizing the members. We will need of that organization again for the next 2013 contract as I see things going right now.
  10. 705red

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    Not true, someone has told you what they wanted you to believe.
  11. TechGrrl

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    Wasn't the change in union presidents because that one went to jail? He was a TDU guy, too, if I recall. RC took the union out on strike because he had two generations of grievance with UPS and wanted payback. Another funny thing about him; turned out he owned a couple million in UPS stock, which he had inherited from his father, who had actually bought 'brown shares' as a young driver, then had them converted to the regular kind, and put them in his strongbox and the family never knew until he passed. RC had to sell quickly when that word got out.
  12. local804

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    I didnt think the shares were available to Rons dad to purchase that long ago as a non management employee. I did hear that story but never knew any real facts, just some doctored up ones.
  13. local804

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    Ron was fond of the TDU but I highly doubt that was the reason for the strike.
  14. 705red

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    WOW Maybe you should not post on a topic if you have no fricking clue what you are speaking about! That post could be considered slanderous with all the lies in it, and you could be held liable for it.

    Ron Carey was found not guilty and did NO jail time, nice little spin you put on it. He took us out on strike because you had part timers working 40 or more hours at part time pay rates. He won us full time jobs, jobs that we could support our families off of. Everyone knew Ron had UPS stock, it was not found out after he died.

    You forget to add that Ron sold all of his bridges he owned because he feared a tsunumi was coming.

    Ron was endorsed by the TDU, to the best of my knowledge he was not a card member.
  15. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    the 97 strike was because ups wanted to take over the pension fund.
    Carey was able to spin the media towards it being about part time workers.
    The contract signed was to establish combining two part time jobs into one full time position; 22.3.
    However when the government removed Carey from office , and he was tried in a court of law & he was found not guilty { which would make him the only IBT president to not be found guilty }, hoffa neglected to enforce the contract.
    The TDU started the legal action to enforce the contract, not until the a decision was announced did hoffa join in.
    And that's the truth.
  16. tieguy

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    I saved a lot of information from that time period. this is a whole new twist on those events that I had not heard before?

    I guess along with Jons questions I would wonder why the current president negotiated more 22.3 jobs in following contracts if he did not want them.
  17. 705red

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    Baba, it was hall who arbitrated that case. And it was a huge win!!!!! UPS cried saying that volume levels had not come back due to the strike as one of the main reasons why they did not have to create these 22.3 jobs. The union side showed that UPS was still hiring part timers at will. The ruling stated that if UPS is hiring part timers than there is enough work to create these jobs and even awarded year one and year two back pay. It is a great read, long but wirth while. This is why the Teamsters today should be fighting these 22.3 layoffs even harder, we already have a ruling on volume and full filling these jobs.
  18. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    year 1 got retro pay and later retro pension credit.
  19. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    with the media blitz still fresh in people minds any attempt to kill off the idea would be foolish.
    He signed off on the latest two contracts which stated more combos could be made, yet has done nothing about them nor has he done anything to protect them.
  20. JonFrum

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